School of Rural Medicine Staff

Head of School Professor Geetha Ranmuthugala
Executive Support Officer to Head of School Cathy McBride
Academic Staff
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Nihad Abu-Asab
LecturerDr Sandy Austrin-Miner
Senior LecturerDr Amanda Bentel
Clinical Dean - Tablelands Clinical SchoolA/Prof Phillip Braslins
Lecturer Selena Chan
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Elizabeth Cotterell
LecturerDr Joëlle Coumans-Moens
Senior LecturerDr Jacqueline Epps
Senior LecturerDr David Ford
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Robert French
Senior LecturerDr Kenneth Gilpin
Senior LecturerDr Ron Grant
Associate ProfessorA/Prof Michelle Guppy
Senior LecturerDr Vicki Howell
First Year Advisor, Education, Health and Rural Medicine Dianne Kelton-Chambers
Senior LecturerDr Russell King
Senior LecturerDr Rod Martin
Senior LecturerDr Cheryl McIntyre
Lecturer Jenny McKay
Senior LecturerDr Anna Murrell
Year 1 Clinical Academic Co-ordinatorDr Amanda Nagle
Senior LecturerDr Hadi Nojoumian
Senior LecturerDr Sujeewa Palagama
Senior LecturerDr Susan Paul
Lecturer Nicola Rochford
Lecturer (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders) Lisa Shipley
Associate Professor of SurgeryA/Prof Graham Stewart
Senior LecturerDr Joseph Turner
Year 2 Clinical Academic Co-ordinatorDr Stuart Wark
Senior LecturerDr Jane Watt
Professional Staff
Office Manager Trish Battin
Educational Support Officer Tim Harris
Year 3 Manager Deidre Long
Year 1 Manager Julie Mills
Year 4/5 Manager, Tablelands Clinical SchoolKirra Porter
Placements Officer Suzanne Riley
Year 2 Manager Jenny Smith
Faculty Academic Manager Maree Walsh
Academic Support Officer (Acting)Emma Waters
Year ManagerKim Williams
Higher Degree Research Students
HDR student Patrick Bruck
HDR student Miranda Cannon
HDR student Jocelyn Craig
Adjunct Staff
Adjunct LecturerDr Samuel Adera
Adjunct Senior Research FellowDr Claire Aland
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof Gary Baker
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof Alan Brichta
Adjunct ProfessorProf Stephen Deane
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Charles Douglas
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof John Flynn
Adjunct ProfessorProf John Fraser
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof Mathew George
Adjunct ProfessorProf Michael Hensley
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Graeme Horton
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr James Hughes
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Philip Hungerford
Adjunct ProfessorProf Matthew Janicki
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Ian Kammerman
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Mark Kelly
Adjunct LecturerDr Raphael Kwa
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Kenneth Lim
Adjunct Associate LecturerDr Abe Mathew
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof Stephen May
Adjunct LecturerMr Mark McEvoy
Adjunct LecturerDr Eugeni Mihaylov
Adjunct ProfessorProf Balakrishnan Nair
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Seshasayee Narasimhan
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Suzanne Outram
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Mani John Panat
Adjunct ProfessorProf Trevor Parmenter
Adjunct LecturerDr Keith Power
Adjunct Associate ProfessorA/Prof Maree Puxty
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Suzanne Robertson
Adjunct ProfessorProf Ulrich Schall
Adjunct LecturerDr Catherine Wiles
Adjunct ProfessorProf Stephen Winn
Adjunct LecturerDr Jaye Yick
Adjunct Senior LecturerDr Martin Young