The School of Rural Medicine was established in 2007. Whilst its core teaching focus to date has been on undergraduate medical training in collaboration with University of Newcastle through the Joint Medical Program, collaboration and research are fast becoming integral components of the School.

The School also has an increasing number of doctoral students.

Core Areas of Research Interest

  • Health workforce training & retention with an emphasis on patient-centred care.
  • Improving health and well-being of rural and regional communities including indigenous communities.
  • Developing sustainable partnerships within and across the health sector. These include local, regional, national and international partnerships.

Research Groups

A word tag graph visualising the main concepts including q fever, cause, bacterium, vaccine, organism, disease, biological, diagnosis, clinic, cattle, symptoms, animal, agent and treatment.Q Fever Research Consortium

The Q Fever Research Consortium has been established to address the unrecognised burden of Q Fever in rural NSW and QLD.

The consortium is a multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers and public health practitioners from NSW, QLD and VIC.

Further details

Intellectual DisabilityIntellectual disability printed on paper with reading glasses sitting on the paper.

The Intellectual Disability Research Group works collaboratively with people with intellectual disability, their carers, and both government and non-government organisations in order to establish knowledge and best practices that lead to an improvement in individual quality of life.

Intellectual Disability Research Group