Dr Joseph V Turner

Senior Lecturer - School of Rural Medicine


Joe is a GP Obstetrician/Rural Generalist with further training in reproductive health, skin cancer medicine and rural/remote and emergency medicine. He has a special interest in fertility-awareness and infertility, and is a founding Director of the Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine. Prior to medicine he completed a PhD in pharmacokinetics and taught in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney. He is also an honorary Senior Lecturer in the Rural Clinical School/Faculty of Medicine at both the University of Queensland and University of New South Wales.



Research Interests

  • Restorative reproductive medicine and fertility-awareness based methods (FABM)
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Bioethics
  • Structure-activity and structure-pharmacokinetic relationships


Journal Articles (selected only)

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Other Media

Turner JV (2018). Natural family planning and contraception. Annals Australasia, Issue 8:34-6.

Turner JV, Garratt D, McCaffrey S (2018). The High Court, abortion clinic speech restrictions and the assessment of harm. The Western Australian Legal Theory Association, 1st October.

Turner JV (2016). How did general practice become so fertility unaware? Medical Observer, 10th November.

Clinical Skills and Experience

  • Infertility investigation and management including fertility-awareness methods and ovulation induction
  • GP Obstetrics from pre-conception planning and antenatal care to delivery including caesarean sections
  • Queensland Rural Generalist with credentialing in Emergency medicine
  • Lead Doctor on US TV production of Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Caramoan


  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
  • NSW Rural Doctors Network / Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA)
  • Australasian Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (AIRRM)
  • International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM)
  • MaterCare International
  • Medical Guild of St Luke
  • Solidarity!

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