2001 - 2007 Seminar List

2007 Seminars

29 NovemberProfessor Donna Craig

Recognition of Customary Law in Natural Resource Management

5 NovemberPhillip Falk

Workshop on Indigenous Inclusive Teaching and Learning Practices in Law

18 OctoberMatthew Skinner

Climate Change Litigation — How real is the risk?

16 OctoberAileen Kennedy

The Undiscovered Country: Brain death, cognitive death and wrongful life

5 OctoberPeter Long

Economics, Business and Law in the Blender of Farm Succession

17 AugustProfessor Indira Carr

Corruption: Legal Solutions and Limits of Law

9 AugustMr Craig Collins

Pericles was a Plumber: Towards Resolving the 'Vocational' and 'Liberal' Dichotomy in Legal Education

30 JulyDr Rob McLaughlin

Current and Evolving Challenges in the Law of Armed Conflict

31 MayDr Ann Brower

Closing the Deal at any Cost: Principals, Agents, and Sub-Agents in New Zealand Land Reform

30 MayJustin Rose

Legal Pluralism and Environmental Governance in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and the Federated States of Micronesia

30 AprilDr Dayle Smith

Quo Warranto? (By What Authority?) The Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

12 MarchProfessor Michael Hahn

The World Trading System – From Single Undertaking to a Two-Track Approach

28 FebruaryProfessor Brad Sherman

The Original Clones – On the Emergence of Intellectual Property Rights in Living Organisms


 2006 Seminars

15 DecemberCraig Collins

The Libel Trials of Andrew Bent, 1825–1838

25 OctoberProfessor Jim Jackson

University Governance: Councils, Vice Chancellor's Executives, Academic Boards and the Law

5 OctoberCormack Dunn

Go Directly to Gaol – New Frontiers in OHS Law

7 September

Professor Hilary Charlesworth

The Problems of Building Justice and Democracy after Conflict

2 JuneDr Charlotte Smith

Reformulating the Body Spiritual: The Identification and Representation of the Church of England in the Later Nineteenth Century

23 MayAssociate Professor Russell Hogg

Executive Proscription of Terrorist Organisations

1 May

Associate Professor Belinda Bennett

The Next Pandemic?: Globalisation and Public Health Laws

10 March

Dr Joellen Riley

A critical overview of Work Choices and its impact on the regulation of the Australian labour market

10 MarchAmanda KennedySupple, Sassier and Commercially-Minded'? Assessing the current higher education employment relations agenda and the drive to individualise the Australian academic employment relationship


2005 Seminars

15 NovemberDr Mike Redmayne

What is wrong with character evidence?

8 NovemberAileen Kennedy

Trafficking in humans for sexual exploitation: An assessment of Australia's law and policy response

26 OctoberDr David

Reconciling reverse burdens of proof with the presumption of innocence under the Human Rights Act 1998 (UK)

4 OctoberDr Liz Fisher

A Duty to Be Cautious': The Precautionary Principle and Australian Courts and Tribunals

30 SeptemberProfessor Pat Carlen

Imprisonment and the Penal Body Politic

27 SeptemberCarolyn Middleton

Is the judicial discretion to admit illegally or improperly obtained evidence, predictable or effective?

6 SeptemberCharles RickettThe Province od the Law of Tracing
18 AugustStuart KayeAustralia's Maritime Boundary with East Timor: The Rise and Fall of the Timor Gap
23 JuneRobert Laurence

Sovereignty & Property: American Indian law, Australian Aboriginal law and the concepts of ownership and governance

26 MayMichael Eburn

The Felons Apprehension Acts 1865–1899 (NSW)

5 MayPeter Cane

The New Face of Advocates' Immunity

9 MarchHarry GeddesThe Modern Approach to Statutory Interpretation
16 FebruaryJohn Becker

Community Conflicts Over Large Scale Production Facilities: A Research Report


2004 Seminars

15 OctoberBarbara HolborowIs There Really a Juvenile Justice?
21 SeptemberChristopher Enright

Models for Working with Law – Teaching and Researching

1 SeptemberMark Lunney

Historical Context in the Common Law of Tort: How to Get It and What to Make of It

27 AugustMark Spackman

ARC Research Grants: Tips and Hints

30 JulyFrank Brennan

Can Lawyers Help Resolve the Timor Gap Crisis?

16 JuneJim Thomson

A Tub to a Whale: The Non Utility of a Bill of Rights in Australia

11 JuneMartin Chanock

Globalisation and Legal Transplants: Understanding Law in Context

4 MayStephen Guest

A Comparison of Integrity with Justice as a Model for Law

8 April

Amanda Williamson

Contemporary Employment Relations in Australia: Assessing the Impact of Individualism and Collectivism upon the Academic Employment Relationship

2 AprilImtiaz Omar

Trial of Hicks and Habib by Foreign Military Court: Constitutional Issues and Executive Decision Making



 2003 Seminars

9 OctoberJohn Coombs QC

How Can You Appear For Someone You Know Is Guilty?

19 SeptemberStephen ColbranIs the Law Lecture Dead?
12 SeptemberMark LunneyHuman Rights and Private Law - an unhappy combination?
15 AugustMichael MacklinMaking Law - the perspective of a philosopher parliamentarian
8 AugustSandra WelsmanInterfaces of Agricultural Business, Science and Law
31 JulyEmilia Della Torre

The Buck Stops Here! Responsibilities of States for Wrongs Committed by Private Individuals

14 JulyPaul LatimerCurrent Issues in Corporate Governance
15 MayJustice Tony NorthOn-country native title hearings
8 MayIvan Shearer

War, armed conflict and the circumstances in which any state may use force against another state without the authority of the United Nations Security Council

27 MarchEric Ghosh

Constitutionalism and the Revival of the Republican Political Tradition: an Alternative Approach to Protecting Human Rights

20 MarchDavid Hamer

Justice, Probability & Juridical Proof


2001 - 2002 Seminars

Incomplete List

18 October 2002Sam Garkawe

The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission – A Worthy Mechanism of Accountability or a Dangerous and Unjustified Compromise?

23 March 2001Justice Michael Kirby

The Future of Human Rights