Welcome to UNE Law

Since its establishment in 1993, the School of Law at the University of New England has developed an important position in Australia's legal and scholarly community. As the country's largest and most experienced distance provider of legal education with world standard research, the School of Law provides opportunities to undertake Australian legal studies for people living anywhere on the continent and beyond, who might otherwise lack these opportunities. It boasts exceptionally high levels of satisfaction from its students, who acknowledge that their success is largely due to the opportunities that they would not have had without UNE's School of Law. Two unsolicited quotes from successful alumni well illustrate this fact:

As a graduate of UNE, whose distance education programme made my transition from law practice to a successful academic career possible, I owe a great deal to the institution. (Law professor, leading USA law school)

UNE gave me the opportunity to study while working, gave the flexibility of a three semester year to accelerate completion, and the faculty was always engaging and interested in student development. (Senior executive upon achieving his doctorate in law)

The School of Law also provides a unique, supportive face-to-face teaching environment, with small class sizes and committed teachers for those students who are able to study on the UNE campus at Armidale.

As a community of highly qualified scholars, the School combines genuine collegiality and friendship, with a strong commitment to research. Enjoying a growing cohort of research higher degree students and a unique specialisation in the law and law reform issues relevant to rural communities, the School is delivering an increasing amount of high-quality and high-impact legal scholarship. Our higher degree research programme attracts scholars from all parts of the world, including the USA, central Asia, the middle East, and the Nordic countries. The increasing recognition of our scholarship is illustrated by our doctoral students winning awards such as the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law PhD scholar of the year in each of the last two years, and the prestigious Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship for Canada; and by the recent award of the only ARC Early Career Researcher award for the legal discipline to one of our emerging researchers.

Our future sees the School building on these strengths. During 2015 we added leading scholars of international repute to our team, deepened our Doctoral and Masters offerings, and further strengthened our distance delivery capacity. Over the next few years we will further advance our broad intellectual horizons, encompassing doctrinal, institutional and interdisciplinary projects in research and teaching; build far greater recognition of the UNE School of Law as a centre of legal scholarship; and strengthen our internal capacity to embrace the challenges of an increasingly competitive higher education environment.

Aside from UNE simply being a great place to study with on-campus college accommodation there are many other reasons to study Law at UNE. We have an outstanding off-campus program — 80% of our student body studies off campus. The Law School records its internal lectures and makes them available for external students via a podcast over the internet. If you want to fast-track your degree we also provide a trimester study year.

For students at all levels, the School of Law at UNE represents an unique opportunity to become part of an increasingly well-recognised centre for developing legal scholarship in Australia and internationally, with an uniquely flexible system for delivering that education.