Kirby Seminars

The Kirby Seminar Series began on 23 March, 2001 with the inaugural seminar presented by The Honourable Michael Kirby of the High Court of Australia entitled, The Future of Human Rights.

The  purpose of the series is to stimulate and share ideas for, and  the  substance of, legal scholarship through attracting high calibre   national and international speakers, drawing upon academics from the   wider university community and offering a platform for researchers   (including PhD students) from within the UNE School of Law.

Given  the diversity of the speakers (including their topics,  backgrounds and  from where they are coming), there are no set dates,  times and places  for the seminars – rather, these are fixed to  accommodate each  particular speaker and are advertised to staff and  students in advance.  Generally, the seminars run for one hour (including  questions) during  term time and are usually held in the J.N. Lewis  Seminar Room within  the School of Law.

The  series is conducted by the School of Law Research Committee and is  convened by Greg Carne who can be contacted for more information on

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