5th Symposium on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development

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The Coming Paradigm:

natural resource governance without government

The Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (UNE School of Law) in conjunction with The Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development, and The Academic of Environmental Law (IUCN) will be hosting the 5th Symposium on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development at the University of New England.

This symposium will explore the effectiveness and fairness of the growing move towards 'governance without government' in the field of natural resources (mineral resources, water, forests; agricultural land, biodiversity etc), and its implications for sustainable development. This includes consideration of the purely private regulation, public/private hybrids, citizen and industry led initiatives, and deregulation.

This symposium will focus on this major issue. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cases for and against private governance replacing public governance;
  • Value and limitations of alternative forms of governance;
  • Validity and effectiveness of different types of instrument;
  • Mechanisms of supervision and oversight to protect the public interest;
  • Implications for the role of different sectors in society;
  • Implications for communities.
Invited speakers:

Speakers at the symposium include:

The Honourable Robert John Debus

"The sudden collapse in government support for nature conservation and natural resource management:What is to be done inside and outside of Government? "

Professor Michael Adams

"Governance and compliance can promote CSR - but fish rot from the head!"

Professor Paul Martin

"Tackling the metagovernance gap that limits the potential reliability and value of regulatory hybrid "

Further information on speakers

Symposium highlights:
  • Two days of presentations, workshops and debates in the heart of rural Australia
  • Welcome reception and farewell banquet in historic, stylish locations
  • Day trip to the Pacific coast, via the picturesque Waterfall Way
  • The opportunity for a rich dialogue about the challenges and opportunities of governance innovations

The organisers invite papers that address public/private governance of natural resource and non-urban contexts (where resourcing and natural resource justice issues are most pronounced).

For further information on the symposium, please visit the full website

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Ciprian Radavoi

Phone: 0478 608 403

Email: cradavoi@une.edu.au