Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for the symposium:
  • The sudden collapse in government support for nature conservation and natural resource
    management: What is it be done inside and outside of Government?
  • Carbon tax or cap and trade: a comparative analysis of carbon reduction programmes for
    Ontario, Canada
  • Potential Lessons for Public Governance of Ecological Conservation and Restoration in Fast
    Developing Economies: A Case Study in Ganzhou, China
  • Environmental Governance and the Public Interest
  • The Environmental Consequences of Shared Governance
  • The State Managed Processes and Community-Based Environmental Management Hybrid: A
    New Paradigm for a Healthy Niger-Delta
  • The importance of aesthetics in understanding corporate environmental responsibility
  • Tackling the metagovernance gap that limits the potential reliability and value of regulatory
  • Citizen Science and the Shared Governance of Bird Biodiversity: How non-state actors contribute
    to avian conservation in the Asia-Pacific
  • Corporate Climate Governance via disclosure and duties – limits and potential
  • All wrapped up? A critical appraisal of industry-led regulation of packaging waste in Australia
  • Water Governance and Complexity Theory in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
  • Exploring the relationship between responsible investment and pension funds
  • The Roles of Governmental and Non-Governmental Actors Involved in Conservation Agreement
    Governance: NSW, Scotland and Maine (the USA)
  • New Private Law Mechanisms for Regulating Natural Resources Management in Ukraine
  • Capturing sustainable value: the use of sustainability cues on packaging
  • Framing Rural Development Governance as a messy and complex process of adaptation: Insights
    from Uganda
  • Regional NRM systems in Australia: are they effective, efficient & enduring?
  • Changing roles for non-government (and government) actors in biodiversity conservation
    governance in rural Australia.