Our research in genetics at UNE covers many areas of genetic analysis and applications. We are internationally renowned for our research in livestock genetics and its application in genetic improvement but have active and expanding programs in the genetics of agricultural and horticultural crops, forest trees, aquaculture species, plant conservation and human behaviour.

To find out more visit the research topic pages or the home pages of individual researchers.

Research Topics

UNE Researchers

Researchers and their main areas of genetics research interest are listed below. Take a look at their home page to find out more and see additional research interests. Also access the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), a joint venture between UNE and NSW I&I based at UNE, with over 20 staff undertaking research and development in livestock genetic applications and breeding.

Prof John Gibson - livestock and agriculture genetics; applications in international development

Prof Julius van der Werf - livestock genetics, gene mapping

Prof Brian Kinghorn - livestock genetics, optimisation breeding and genetics

Dr Cedric Gondro - bioinformatics, population genetics

Prof Brian Byrne - human behaviour genetics

Dr Will Coventry - human behavior genetics

Dr Sam Clark - quantitative genetics and animal breeding

Dr Hutton Oddy - nutritional genetics

Dr Shubiao Wu - molecular genetics in plants and animals

Dr Jeremy Bruhl - plant genetic diversity and taxonomy

Prof Caroline Gross - conservation genetics

Prof Margaret Katz - genetics of fungal pathogens

Dr Heather Nonhebel - genetic control of plant hormones

UNE Adjunct Researchers

The following hold adjunct appointments at UNE and are involved in collaborative research and (co)supervision of graduate students.

Dr Peter Hunt: CSIRO Livestock Industries, McMaster Laboratory - gastrointestinal parasite genetics

Dr Sonja Dominik: CSIRO Livestock Industries, McMaster Laboratory - gene mapping, aquaculture genetics

Dr John Henshall: CSIRO Livestock Industries, McMaster Laboratory - livestock genetics, gene mapping, aquaculture genetics

Dr Sabine Schmoelzl: CSIRO Livestock Industries, McMaster Laboratory - genetic control of spermatogeneis

Dr Joop Van Leur: NSW I&I - genetic variation in pathogen resistance in pulses

Dr Betram Collard: NSW I&I - genetics and breeding durum wheat

Dr Yizhou Chen: NSW I&I - gene expression and mapping in livestock and pathogens