A/Prof Shubiao Wu

Associate Professor , Poultry health and nutrition, Molecular biology, Plant genetics, International HDR Pathways and Projects - Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business and Law; School of Environmental and Rural Science

Shubiao Wu

Phone: +61 02 6773 2238

Mobile: 0477764230

Email: swu3@une.edu.au


A/Prof Shubiao Wu has interdisciplinary expertise in both animal and plant fields particularly in molecular genetics, gut microflora, necrotic enteritis and net energy. Prior to his current position at University of New England, he worked as a research fellow at University of Otago, New Zealand in inherited retinal diseases. He received his PhD in molecular mapping and reproduction of olives at The University of Adelaide in 2002. He was a visiting Research Associate at The University of Western Australia during 1998 and 1999. Before migrating to Australia, Shubiao held a research position in Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China, following completion of his MSc at Inner Mongolia University and BSc at Lanzhou University. Shubiao has published over 100 refereed papers in reputed international journals. He is the Associate Editor of Animal Nutrition and the Academic Editor of PLOS ONE, and serves as reviewers for over 40 scientific journals including Nucleic Acids Research, BMC Genomics, Animal Nutrition, and Scientific Reports. His current research interests are in the area of poultry energetics, gut microflora and health, nutrigenomics, and plant genetics and genomics. He also has collaborations with researchers in other biological areas involving molecular marker systems and transcriptomics in Australia and overseas.


  • PhD - Plant genetics and reproductive biology, The University of Adelaide
  • MSc - Plant reproductive biology, Inner Mongolia University
  • BSc - Botany, Lanzhou University

Teaching Areas

I teach BCHM210/410, BCHM220/240, Gene352/552, and Hort420 at the University of New England.

Primary Research Area/s

Poultry health, nutrition and nutrigenomics; Molecular genetics and genomics

Research Interests

  • Gut microflora/health
  • Animal genetics and nutrigenomics
  • Energy system in poultry feed formulation
  • Genetics (genetic and QTL mapping)
  • Molecular marker assisted breeding
  • Plant self-incompatibility and reproductive development
  • Retinal degeneration

Research Grants

Over AU$7.1 million

  • 2019-2021: AgriFutures. $424K
  • 2019-2020: AgriFutures $147K
  • 2020-2020: C & J Lab: $40K
  • 2020-2021: Anatara: $56K
  • 2019: BASF: $60K
  • 2018-2019: Pancosma. $120K
  • 2017-2019:  Poultry Hub Australia. $468K
  • 2018: BASF $61K
  • 2017-2018: Evonik: $79K
  • 2017-2020: Adisseo France. $140K
  • 2017: BASF, $52K
  • 2017-2018:  Adisseo France, $334K
  • 2017-2018:  AgriFutures. $95K.
  • 2015-2016: Poultry CRC. $137K.
  • 2015-2016: Poultry CRC and AECL. $805K.
  • 2014-2016: Poultry CRC 2.2.8. $350K.
  • 2011–2014: RIRDC RRJ-003306. $830K.
  • 2012 – 2014: RIRDC PRJ-007650. $717K.
  • 2013-2014: Poultry CRC, $120K.
  • 2010-2012: Australian Poultry CRC 2.1.5. $323K (UNE), $1.74M (Total).
  • 2009: Australian Poultry CRC 09-22. $82K
  • 2008 - 2009: Completed. Australian Poultry CRC 06-18. $428,817 (collaborative).
  • 2007: Sciences Research Equipment Grant, University of New England. $50,000

Current and previous collaborators

Research Supervision Experience

Current team

  • Dr Sarbast Qassim (Kheravii) (Lab manager, Senior Technical Officer), molecular biology, gene expression, and microbial quantification.
  • Dr Nishchal Sharma (Postdoc), broiler nutrition and gut health.
  • Dr Kosar Gharib (Postdoc), broiler nutrition, necrotic enteritis, gut health, microbiome and nutrigenomics.
  • Mr Sosthene Musigwa (PhD student), broiler net energy and additives.
  • Mr Alip Kumar (PhD student), broiler necrotic enteritis, gut health, and antibiotic alternatives.
  • Mr Kinley Dorji (PhDI student), citrus disease control.
  • Mr Ali Daneshmand (PhD student), broiler necrotic enteritis, gut health, and antibiotic alternatives.
  • Ms Ashley England (PhD student), broiler nutrition and gender effect.
  • Dr Zhongli Zhao (visiting scholar from Jilin Acad Agric Sci, China), animal molecular genetics.
  • Ms Dawn Lewis (Honours), Sheep historic DNA.
  • Incoming PhD students

  • Ms Yujian Zhang (Maize genomics)
  • Mr Dongsheng Shi (Maize genomics)

Currently co-supervising

  • Mr Biniam Lakew (PhD student, 2017 -), Theileria orientalis epidemiology.
  • Ms Manisha Kolakshyapati (PhD student, 2017 -), free range laying hens.
  • Ms Hong Nguyen (PhD student, 2018 -), broiler NSP nutrition.
  • Mr Tamene Temesgen Tolessa (PhD student, 2018 -), Myrtle rust pathogen of Eucalyptus.


  • Dr Iraj Tavassolian (The University of Adelaide, 2006 - 2008). Almond genetic and QTL mapping.
  • Dr Gholameraza Rabiei (University of New England, 2006 - 2010). Almond genetic and QTL mapping.
  • Dr Nick Rodgers (Postdoctorial Fellow 2009-2012), broiler chicken gut microflora.
  • Dr Dharma Purushothaman (PhD student 2009-2013), canine nutrigenomics and faecal microflora.
  • Dr Gaetano Distefano Visiting (Postdoctorial Fellow, University of Catania, Italy, 2011), Citrus SNP development.
  • Dr Jianjun Zuo (visiting A/Prof, South China Agricultural University, China, 2011-2012), broiler gut microflora and gene expression.
  • Dr Alex Wu (PhD student 2011- 2015), broiler nutrition, microfolra and gene expression.
  • Dr Shawkat M Sadeq (PhD student 2012- 2015), broiler nutrition, microfolra and fatty acids.
  • Ms Hong Thi Nguyen Master student, 2012- 2015), broiler nutrition and net energy.
  • Dr Isaac Macharia (PhD student, 2012- 2015), tomato spotted wilt virus TSWV) management.
  • Mr Wisam Kishlaf Master student, 2012-2013), broiler nutrition and net energy.
  • Dr Nishchal Sharma (PhD student, 2013 - 2017), broiler production and environment.
  • Dr Mehdi Toghyani Khorasgani (PhD student, 2015 - 2017), broiler nutrition.
  • Dr Guangda Danny) Xue (PhD student, 2013 - 2017), broiler nutrigenomics.
  • Dr Chake (Chuck) Keerqin (PhD student, 2013 - 2017), broiler nutrigenomics.
  • Ms Chrissie Prychid (PhD studemt, 2013 - 2017), monocot taxonomy.
  • Dr Virgilio Linis (PhD student, 2013 -), bryophyte taxonomy.
  • Dr Sami Samiullah (PhD student, 2015 - 2017), layer physiology.
  • Dr Sarbast Qassim (PhD student, 2013 -2017), broiler fibre nutrition, gut health and nutrigenomics.
  • Dr Shahram Barzegar (PhD student, 2015 -2018), layer net energy.
  • Dr Bruce Murray (PhD student, 2012- ), river ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • Dr Kosar Gharib (PhD student, 2016-2019), broiler necrotic enteritis, gut health, microbiome and nutrigenomics.
  • Dr Matthew Hilliar (PhD student, 2016 - 2019), poultry nutrition.
  • Dr Natalie Morgan (Postdoc fellow, 2016 - 2018), energy bioassay.
  • Dr Chake (Chuck) Keerqin (Postdoc fellow, 2017 -2019), probiotics and necrotic enteritis.
  • Mr Holy Zanu (PhD student, 2016 - 2019), poultry nutrition.
  • Ms Hiep Thi Tao (PhD student, 2018 - 2019), broiler nutrition.
  • Ms Moreen Ali (PhD student, 2014 - 2020), broiler net energy.
  • Ms Sarah Haberecht (PhD student, 2015 - 2020), poultry nutrition.
  • Mr Yugal Bindari, (PhD student, 2017 - 2020), Molecular Tests of Poultry Virus
  • Mr Md Ahaduzzaman (PhD student, 2018 - 2020), virus monitoring in poultry dust.
  • Mr Shahid Nazir (PhD student, 2018 - 2020), Infectious Laryngeotracheitis virus in layers.
  • Ms Jessica Tunnage MSc student, 2016 - 2020), meat science.


Book Chapter

Font i Forcada, C., Sanchez-Perez, R., Eduardo, I., Wu, S.-B., Fernandez i Marti, A. 2017 Molecular breeding and genomics. P149-167. In Almonds: Botany, Production and Uses. Eds Socias i Company, R., and Gradziel, TM. CABI, Wallingford UK.

Journal papers

(* corresponding author)

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