Dr Samuel Clark

Lecturer - School of Environmental and Rural Science

Samuel Clark

Phone: +61 2 6773 3328

Email: sam.clark@une.edu.au


BRurSc, PhD (UNE)

Teaching Areas

I teach a number of undergraduate subjects which primarily relate to quantitative genetics and animal breeding.

Research Interests

I am interested in the prediction of breeding value and the optimal use of information within animal breeding programs. I'm currently involved in research regarding genetic evaluation and genomic selection in sheep, beef cattle and dairy cattle. Broadly, I am interested in factors that control genetic variation and how these can be utilised in animal breeding and quantitative genetics.

Specific research interests

The use of genomic information within breeding programs
  • design of experiments and reference populations
  • genomic prediction
  • genome wide association studies
  • analysis and use of sequence data within breeding programs
Quantitative Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • data collection, design & structure
  • data analysis – mixed models
  • genetic evaluation models
  • genotype by environment interactions
Optimisation of animal breeding programs
  • breeding objectives
  • optimisation of selection and measurement
  • Balancing genetic gain and genetic diversity