Supervising Teachers' Corner

The Supervising Teacher Corner has been created to house documentation and processes to assist supervising teachers through a professional experience placement. Information included in the corner comprises of assessment, placement documentation, 'At Risk' assistance and other general information.

If you are currently supervising a teacher education student and have any concerns with the placement, we advise you to submit an Assistance Request Form or call the Office for Professional Learning.

What's in the Corner?

Assessing the Teacher Education Student

Information regarding the process for assessing the teacher education student.

'At Risk'

To assist with 'At Risk' teacher education students. Includes relevant paperwork and processes for support.

Supervising Teacher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions a supervising teacher may have regarding a professional experience placement.

Placement Resources

All the forms and links you will need to mentor and assess a teacher education student; Standards Assessment Continuum, Lesson Plans, Make-up Day forms, Specific Requirements, Pre-/Post-Goal Setting Sheets, Assistance Request Form, Weekly Review Sheet, Lesson Evaluation Sheet, Progress Guide, Attendance Sheets and more.