'At Risk' Teacher Education Students

For the most part, professional experience placements are relatively straight forward. However, at times, a teacher education student may require further support in order to pass the placement. It is at these times that a teacher education student is deemed 'At Risk'.

What is 'At Risk'?

A teacher education student may be deemed 'At Risk' if they:

  • are not meeting the level of assessment against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, required for their teacher education training;
  • are not able to demonstrate one or more of the Fundamental Skills Assessment; or
  • have not adapted well to the environment in which they are placed.

In these cases, it does not mean the teacher education student will fail the placement but will be supported to the best of supervising teacher's and placement setting's ability through due process (as outlined in the Supervising Teacher's Handbook).

For a teacher education student deemed 'At Risk', the supervising teacher must follow the requirements of the Handbook to seek a second opinion and then submit to the OPL an Assistance Request Form.

Process for an 'At Risk' Teacher Education Student

The process for identifying an 'At Risk' student is outlined in the 'At Risk' flowchart while the process for supporting and assessing an 'At Risk' student is in the Supervising Teachers Handbook.

If at any time there are concerns regarding a teacher education student's progress or conduct during the placement, an Assistance Request Form can be submitted to the OPL. After it has been received, the OPL will contact the supervising teacher to discuss the placement.


Below are the Assistance Request Form and the Supervising Teacher's Handbook. At the time of concern, it is essential that a supervising teacher familiarises themselves with the Assessment section of the Handbook. Once all steps (as outlined in the Handbook) have been followed, an Assistance Request Form is required so the OPL can discuss the concerns with the relevant parties.

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These documents can also be found on the Policies and Documents page.

The 'At Risk' Package

The 'At Risk' Package will be emailed to the supervising teacher once it has been deemed by both the supervising teacher and the OPL that the teacher education student is 'At Risk' of failing the placement. This package will contain the 'At Risk' Action Plan, the Placement Requires Termination and the Supervising Teacher's Handbook.

Placement Requires Termination

At times, a teacher education student may be required to discontinue a placement. This may occur when a teacher education student has:

  1. been on an "At Risk" Action Plan and has not made or demonstrated enough improvement in line with the plan;
  2. been on a Further Action Plan as part of the "At Risk" Action Plan and has not made or demonstrated enough improvement in line with the plan; or
  3. seriously breached one or more of the Grounds for Termination components in the Professional Experience Policy.

A placement requiring termination can only occur after consultation with the Office for Professional Learning.