Current Students

For Students Completing Professional Experience in Education Degrees

Most education degrees at UNE will require professional experience. This site has been created to assist you with understanding the requirements for placement so you can make plans for childcare, work and other personal commitments.

To make sure there are no delays with securing you a placement, you will need to ensure you have submitted your mandatory requirements ahead of the placement. The Office for Professional Learning will be unable to process any placement forms without the mandatory requirements. Please make sure you have read the Professional Experience Policy and the Important Information well in advance of applying for a placement. The Professional Experience Placement Guide is another good source of information to assist you with making plans for placement. It gives general advice about acceptable placement settings and provides a general overview of the order of placements.

The most accurate source of information is the Courses and Units Catalogue (CAUC). Before enrolling in a unit, make sure you read all the information available about the unit on the CAUC.

All mandatory requirements are submitted for processing through InPlace. You will need your UNE username (e.g. username: sfakename - do not include the and password to enter the site.

Not all schools, centres or agencies will be equipped to take a student for professional experience. To secure a placement for you, you must be prepared to travel.

If you have any further queries, please contact the Office for Professional Learning.

To look at the Practical Experience Placements you will need to undertake, please refer to the Professional Experience Placement Guide.

You will need to select the year you enrolled, and then select your degree.