Future Students

Thinking about becoming a teacher? Choose from our wide range of study options that are offered as undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees, or higher degree research courses at the master and doctoral levels.

You may notice while looking through the course information the term 'professional experience' appears. So what is Professional Experience?

Professional experience is the in-school, in-centre or in-agency component of most teaching degrees. It allows for a chance to apply the theoretical understanding to the practical world to help build your skills for the classroom. It is a mandatory component of the degree and ranges from 20 days overall to 135 days overall.

There are certain rules you will need to follow regarding professional experience. You will need to understand and accept before undertaking a teacher education degree. Please read the Factors to Consider for general information about these rules. It will also help to read the Important Information page as well. It is mainly targeted at current students but will also let you know other requirements once you begin your degree.

To find out more about the professional experience component of the degree you are thinking of studying (or have applied for), please use the Professional Experience Placement Guide for your relevant year of enrolment.

If you have any questions regarding the professional experience components of the degree you are considering, the Office for Professional Learning (OPL) will be more than happy to help. Visit the Contact the OPL site for contact details.