Bachelor of Education (In-Service Conversion)

The Bachelor of Education (In-Service Conversion) contains 20 days of professional experience in a primary or secondary school setting in the unit PREX304-6. This degree is not an Initial Teacher Education degree and has been designed for accredited teachers to add an extra teaching area or convert from primary to secondary teaching or vice versa. This degree is not for pre-service teachers.

All professional experience placements in a school setting must meet the following requirements to be counted for placement. The school must:

  • Assess teacher proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers;
  • Use NSW BOSTES approved syllabuses or equivalent Australian syllabuses;

All placements must be in a mainstream classroom unless otherwise specified.

For the secondary components of the course, pre-service teachers will be required to teach both junior and senior classes.

Please select a unit from the list below for more in-depth details about placement:

PREX304-6 (PrEx 20 days)

Specific Requirements

Depending upon the area of study, this is a 20 day block placement in either a primary or secondary school setting.

PREX304-6 (Primary) Specific Requirements

PREX304-6 (Secondary) Specific Requirements

In-Service Placement - PREX304-6  Specific Requirements

Conversion Placements

This is a placement where a teacher is adding to or converting to another teaching area. All placements will be assessed against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Teachers adding or converting a teaching area are required to complete a placement in their area of study through UNE.

Placements that can be accepted

  • Mainstream primary classrooms (if applicable)
  • Mainstream secondary classrooms (if applicable)

Placements that cannot be accepted

  • Any placement type that varies from a mainstream classroom setting.