General WebKiosk Information

What is WebKiosk?

WebKiosk is Human Resource Service’s (HRS) self-serve portal. Any UNE staff member can access WebKiosk and it can be used for functions such as:

  • Updating Personal Information
  • Viewing Payslips
  • Lodging Casual Timesheets
  • Booking Leave
  • Delegating Approval
  • Completing Your PPDR

You can access WebKiosk via the UNE Staff Homepage or by clicking here

Note: HRS recommends using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as your browser when using WebKiosk.

It is a good idea to add WebKiosk to your Favourites so you can easily find it later.

image showing staff homepage pointing to webkiosk logo

Where to get Help

You can find various instructions for WebKiosk via the Human Resource Service Portal.

If you are having lots of trouble, contract HRS at or on 02 6773 3705.

Login to WebKiosk

Enter your UNE username and password.

Click ‘Login’

Image showing web kiosk login page

Hints and Tips:

  • If you do not have UNE user credentials, complete the IT Account Registration Form
  • If you have forgotten you login details, contact the IT Service Desk on 02 6773 5000

WebKiosk Home Page

Once logged in, you will see the WebKiosk Home Page.

The section on the left side of the screen is your gateway to accessing all of the features in WebKiosk.

  • If you cannot see this section, click the small grey arrow near the bottom of the page to ‘pop it out’

image of webkiosk home page

My Favourites

This contains links to the most frequently used sections of WebKiosk. You can edit this section:

  • You can remove a favourite by clicking ‘Delete’ on the section that is highlighted in green
  • You can add a favourite by accessing the section you want as a favourite and then clicking ‘Add’

image showing my favourites section

My Details

This shows you all of your current Jobs; you can access this by clicking the ‘My Details’ row (located above ‘My Favourites’). Certain tasks, such as making a training request, are ‘Job Number specific’, this means that you need to click on the job number that your request relates to.

image showing my details section


This section is how you can access all the main features of WebKiosk such as personal details, leave bookings, timesheets and payslips.

image showing my hr menu list

My Team

This menu is for supervisors/approvers. Functions such as team information, leave approvals, timesheet approvals and approval delegations can be accessed via this section.

image showing my team menu list

My Administration

This section relates to recruitment. Staff involved in recruitment will be able to access applicant details and application documents via this section.

image showing my administration menu