Study abroad: Short term study tours

UNE students can study abroad on one of our short-term study tours. Read what students have to say about recent tours to the Eastern Himalaya, the Middle East and Europe.

Kaz Thorpe

Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Islamic Studies)

'I'm just back from an intensive course in Oman, studying Arabic language and culture.

I arranged the course, which will be credited against my Arts degree (Islamic Studies major), with CIS Australia, and was able to arrange an OS-Help loan via John McKinnon at UNE.

I was studying 6 hours per day, 5 days a week with students from around the world.

As I was a new-comer to Arabic, I had set myself a very difficult task, but I am proud of my results and enriched by the experience. I recommend studying abroad to all UNE students.'

Rebecca Di Donato

Bachelor of Zoology (Animal Ecology)

'I was fortunate enough to be selected, along with 17 other undergraduate and postgraduate ERS and BCSS students, to travel to Bhutan.

We travelled with Prof Caroline Gross, A/Prof Karl Vernes, Dr Raj Rajaratnam, and Ian Simpson to study the ecology and biogeography of the Eastern Himalayas.

Our fieldwork included:

  • Water testing
  • No-harm aquatic invertebrate sampling (Bhutan is predominately Buddhist, and the people have a high regard for all sentient life)
  • Vegetation surveys along altitudinal gradients from 2985masl to 3790masl
  • Camera trapping in the Royal Botanic Park and also at the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) where our group was hosted.

The experience was invaluable. It allowed me to apply much of the theoretical knowledge I have gained during my studies, to learn about the research already being conducted in the country and the conservation challenges faced.

It also gave me the opportunity to appreciate the Bhutanese way of life. We visited monasteries, dzongs, met the local people, and ate chilli-based Bhutanese cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner!'

Rebecca taking a selfie near a river and Rebecca treking up a cliffside

Kev Hartley

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours

'As far as great experiences go, I can solidly recommend the Positive Psychology Summer Course at the University of Maastricht.

The course is promoted by AIM Overseas - who certainly provided good and useful services in preparing for the experience.

The city of Maastricht really is a little jewel with a unique culture, original ancient architecture, great food and fun opportunities. The university has a reputation for innovative teaching practices which it lives up to by delivering one of the most well-crafted study experiences I have had to date.

It's worth noting that the 'Summer Course' is timed for our Summer (Europe's Winter), but so long as you've plenty of clothes you'll be fine, and you might enjoy the magic of a snowy day – I certainly did!

If you have the opportunity to study in Maastricht, it will be an experience you will not regret and never forget.'

collage of Dutch landmarks form study abroad tour

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