Fees and costs

Being aware of the costs involved in studying at UNE will help you get sorted for a secure, successful and stress-free student life.

Your fees depend on your fee category (determined by citizenship and residency status), the course you study, the type of fee places available and the year you commence. Our Fee Category Finder tool can help you determine your fee category if you are unsure or cannot find this information on your offer letter.

Fees Language

Some of the language and jargon used around University Fees can be confusing, particularly for new students.

If you’re not entirely sure what the terms mean, you can check the definition of these terms against our lists of common University jargon.

You can also ask for help online with AskUNE or call +61 2 6773 2664

Other Invoices and Fees

If you have an invoice that is not for Tuition, Student Contribution Amount or Student Services and Amenities Fees please contact the following areas for specialised advice:

Accommodation charges — please contact Central Residential Services on +61 2 6773 3370

Library Fines— please contact Dixson Library +61 2 6773 2458

Exam related charges — please contact Accounts Receivable via AskUNE

Yarm Gwanga related charges — please contact Accounts Receivable via AskUNE

Outstanding Debts and Encumbrances

If you have an outstanding debt you may have your account encumbered. However, some outstanding debts will instead result in the current period enrolment being cancelled if they become overdue.

An encumbrance may restrict your ability to enrol, the release of final unit results, graduation (including issuing a testamur) and academic records being issue (including for admission to other universities)

If a restriction or encumbrance is placed on your account it is normally not removed until the final amount is paid.

The best way to avoid cancellation or encumbrances is to carefully review any reminder notices sent to your UNE student email and to contact the University immediately if you have any questions or concerns.

Applying for a refund after withdrawing from your unit

Census dates for each trimester are listed in Principal Dates

Pre-Census Date Withdrawal

If you have withdrawn prior to the census date and have paid your unit fees upfront, then to apply for a refund of this amount you will need to send a request through AskUNE otherwise your payment will be kept as a credit for your next enrolment period.DO NOT send any banking details via AskUNE as Student Accounts staff will contact you if the University needs this information to process your refund.

Post-Census Date Withdrawal

The University of New England recognises that occasions may arise in which you find it necessary to withdraw from a unit after the census date. In such cases, the academic penalty may be waived and the fees reversed if the unit is withdrawn for special circumstances including:

  • Medical, family, or personal
  • Employment related
  • University error.

To be eligible to apply for remission of fees, it must be demonstrated that the special circumstances:

  • Are beyond the your control
  • Do not make their full impact on you until on, or after, the census date
  • Make it impracticable for you to complete the requirements for the course during the period during which you undertook the course.

You must apply in writing within 12 months of the end of the period of study in which the course was or was to be undertaken. You are required to complete an online application form.

Further information about Remission of HELP debt may be found at Study Assist.