Design your Bespoke Course

You now have the freedom to design your own Bespoke Course consisting of just two, three or four units from a degree – or even ‘mix and match’ units from different degrees – without committing to a full undergraduate or postgraduate course.

What it costs

You can choose to do two, three or four units in your Bespoke Course.

The cost for your first two units is $2,900 each. If you decide to do a three or four unit Bespoke Course, the cost for the third and fourth units drops to $2,500 each.

2 Units $5,800
2 units: $2900 ea
3 Units $8,300
First 2 units: $2900 ea
Third unit: $2500
4 Units $10,800
First 2 units: $2900 ea
Third & Fourth units: $2500 ea
Terms and Conditions

Payment for each unit is due approximately 28 days from when you commence studying at the beginning of the Trimester. The due date is called 'Census Date'. If no payment is received within 14 days of the Census Date, your enrolment will be cancelled. More details about registration and payment.

Design your Bespoke Course
Handing over money


UNE has collaborated with Regional Australia Bank to provide students with a low interest finance option to help with the cost of your Bespoke Course