Other UNE Services Supporting Students

Across UNE there are numerous services set up with a broad variety of ways to help support your through your experience at UNE. Below are some of the ones we find of interestto our students.

Need more details or have questions? Contact us at Oorala.

Access & Inclusion

Have you been affected by an injury, chronic illness, disability, learning difficulties, mental health needs, domestic violence or other health conditions? Or maybe you a carerof a family members with a disability or health condition? If yes, then Access and Inclusion are here to provide you with practical assistance and advice that will support you while you study at UNE.

Oorala work very closely with Access & Inclusion, partnering with their team to improve access to UNE for all students.


Did you know that you can access the UNE Counselling Service? These are fully trained professionals providing a free and confidential service to all students at UNE. They understand that we all have lives outside of our studies so they can talk to you about any and anything that is weighing on your mind. Making an appointment in person or on the phone is easy. Need help taking that first step, our team at Oorala can help make your first appointment.

Advocacy & Welfare

The Advocacy and Welfare service is available to all UNE students. They offer independent information and advocacy for different types of problems you may be experiencing. Whether it be academic and personal in nature. All advice is free and confidential. If they can’t help you, they will put you in touch with those that can.

If nothing else, take a look at their webpage. They have a tonne of resources and information all geared at you, the student. They have even done all the hard work on where to  find the best student discounts.

Careers and Employability

The UNE Employability and Careers Office provides assistance to all UNE students to help them succeed in their career planning and job searching. Take control of your career as early as possible by seeking advice on career planning, UNE Graduate Attributes and even applying for a job.

Academic Skills Office

The Academic Skills Office (ASO) is set up to help students succeed with their studies. They do this by offering a variety of free services and resources for all students enrolled at UNE. These include: academic skills workshops, academic skills factsheets, study planners, weekly study groups and one on one consultation.

First Year Advisors

First year advisors have discipline based knowledge and are located within schools to help you get up to speed on studying at UNE. Studying online? There is a First year advisor for online students as well. Your advisor can help you to transition to studying at UNE, academic support, time management, UNE policies and developing your assessment skills.