Welcome to Oorala Student Experience.

To to support your journey we have created a checkilist for you to make sure you get set and are ready for your study journey.

Getting Started Checklist

Make sure that you have:

  1. Enrolled in your units for the upcoming Trimester.
  2. Applied for a student ID card. If you’re a new student, email us via AskUNE to request 24 hour access to the Oorala study lab.
  3. Applied for a tutor via Oorala’s free tutoring program. All students are eligible. Work alongside an experienced tutor, build a new friendship and receive advice, support and assistance with those assessments.
  4. Applied for ABSTUDY. Even if you aren't eligible for fortnightly payments, you could still receive an incidental allowance to help with study costs and assistance with compulsory study-related travel.
  5. Filled in your Commonwealth Assistance Form for deferral of your HECS debt (available in the myEnrol tab of myUNE).
  6. Applied to defer payment of your student services and amenities fee (if applicable).
  7. Reviewed the Oorala website
  8. Reviewed the scholarships available to Indigenous students at UNE .
  9. Logged into Moodle and looked at each of your units.
  10. Logged into your student email and set up forwarding it to your private email.
  11. Created a study calendar to help get yourself organised.
  12. Found out about Census Date & included it in your study planner.
  13. Had a look at the forums on the Indigenous Students Hub Moodle site and liked our Facebook page.
  14. Compiled a list of important contacts including lecturers email/phone and identified your school’s first year advisor.

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We're here to help, if you're stuck on anything or just want to say hi, contact us straight away.