Student Access and Inclusion

Our service is for students with a disability, health condition, access needs or equity support.

Important information about your exams

If you are completing your final exams in an exam centre and require adjustments for permanent and ongoing health conditions for Trimester 1, 2020 you will need to register and supply appropriate supporting documentation prior to Friday 22nd May 2020.

Inclusive, supportive learning environments for UNE students

The Student Access & Inclusion Office (SA&I) is here to create an inclusive learning environment for UNE’s diverse population of students. We support and assist future and current students with practical assistance and advice who may be affected by an injury, chronic illness, disability, learning difficulties, mental health needs, domestic violence or other health conditions, as well as for students who are carers of family members with a disability or health condition. We also offer support to students who live remotely and have unreliable internet access, incarcerated students and provide advice to Defence Reservists and Emergency Service Volunteers. The University also supports students who are formally recognised elite athletes and provides strategies that ensure that they are not unduly disadvantaged academically or financially as a consequence of participation in their sporting commitments.

The Student Access & Inclusion Team is here to support you and advise you about the services we provide. To discuss your situation, you can make a phone appointment with one of our team members on 02 6773 2897, so we can call you at an agreed time. If you are more comfortable with emails, you can send us a confidential email at

You can be assured that all our correspondence with you and documentation you provide to us is strictly confidential and will remain within Student Access & Inclusion. Please also see our site on Confidentiality and Privacy.

Our goal is to assist students to reach their full academic potential and to participate fully in university life on an equitable basis.

The purpose of our service is about access to education and the whole student experience. This means that students are able to:

  • participate equally with their peers in all course activities including assessments and examinations – this includes course activities that occur both on and off campus
  • access verbal or written information, lectures, tutorials and practicums, computer labs, or the libraries in an appropriate format
  • access student-orientated activities and facilities.
Need support?

If you think you may benefit from some extra support, contact SA&I to discuss your situation. For more information about our service, please see links below to Services for Students, or to simply register, go straight to Registration.

Additional support services