Sue Chambers"Financial support has been my biggest hurdle this year and Oorala have been very supportive in helping with scholarships and a constant supply of tea & coffee."
Sue Chambers, Medical Science

One of the major questions students face is 'Can I afford to study?' To help you answer this, the Oorala Student Services Team have put together a list of their favourite resources on all things money.

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Scholarships at UNE

UNE has a wide range of scholarships available. We want you to apply. You have more of a chance at picking one up for yourself than you might think.

ABSTUDY, Away From Base & Relocation Allowances

Our team can support you in learning about the different allowances that are available through  ABSTUDY. They can also give you advice on how to apply.

Student Fees

Student Fees: Tuition fees, student amenities fees, withdrawing before census date to avoid tuition fees and applying for a remission when something goes wrong after census date to have your tuition fees refunded. Our team can give you advice on it all.

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

If you are experiencing financial hardship and this is impacting on your ability to study, UNE has a student emergency assistance fund for all students. Oorala can put you in touch with Advocacy and Welfare team to get started on accessing the funds.

Student Loans & Part Time Work

Did you know that UNE offer interest free student loans? The scheme is designed to help all students meet unexpected and unavoidable enrolment related expenses. The team at Oorala can put you in touch with the UNE Student Financial Assistance Office to learn more.

If part time work is something you are on the hunt for, UNE have some hints to help you find work here in Armidale.

Moneysmart Website

The Moneysmart Website is a resource dedicated to improving our knowledge on all things to do with money. This includes budgeting, superannuation, paying for funerals and even looking at if busying a Christmas hamper is value for money.

Scholarships - A gift that keeps on giving

Educator and philanthropist Max Schroder donated $1.25 million in late 2019 to scholarship programs for Indigenous students at UNE in what is the largest financial gift from a living donor in the university’s history.

Since 2008, University of New England (UNE) alumnus Max Schroder has provided some 51 scholarships to support Indigenous students pursuing degrees in education, nursing, medicine and law. One of them was Sarah Thomas, who completed a Bachelor of Education. Two years on, as a successful high school teacher, she finds it difficult to quantify the powerful practical, financial and emotional impact of her scholarship. read more