Indigenous Workforce Strategy accessible by public

5. Indigenous Workforce Strategy accessible by public

Your response to this area needs to address the following points:

  • Explain how the university has met its requirements under section 12 of the ISSP Guidelines;
  • Include current link to the university’s website outlining the strategies to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working at the university and to support the development of current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. This can be a special Indigenous Workforce Strategy document or a section targeting development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a broader university workforce strategy;
  • Discuss the practical implementation and evaluation of your Indigenous Workforce Strategy;
  • Report progress against targets and milestones outlined in the strategy; and
  • Note that in 2017, the Department will work with institutions to establish an Indigenous workforce target of 3% where such a target does not already exist.

UNE’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2013-2018 expires this year. A new strategy will be drafted in the near future. The current strategy can be found at:

Indigenous workforce data (2017 breakdown)

OoralaHEO7 3 1
OoralaHEO6 2  
OoralaHEO5   1
OoralaHEO4 2 1
Oorala    1
Oorala    2
Student SuccessHEO4 2 1
Student SuccessHEO5   1
LibraryHEO3 1  
LibraryHEO4 1  
HumanitiesAcademic C1   
LawAcademic B1   
MedicineAcademic B1   
MedicineHEO4   1
ArtsAcademic D  1 
DVC OfficeAcademic B   1
UNE LifeHEO4 1  
School of Psychology and Behavioural ScienceHEO4 1  
Information Technology ServicesHEO5 1  
Information Technology ServicesHEO6 1  
Human ResourcesHEO7 1  
Science and TechnologyHEO4 1  
TOTAL 320110
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