Seminar Series

The UNE Business School holds regular research seminars in topical issues related to business, economics and public policy. We welcome external scholars and industry experts to present their work, particularly in areas related to our Research Themes

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Development, Markets and Growth
  • Governance, Sustainability, and Ethics
  • Innovation for Regional Success
  • Public Policy

Seminars occur throughout the year. We invite Faculty members and research students to attend and contribute to seminars. Upcoming and past seminars are advertised widely within the university and to our external networks. Lists of seminars and pasts presentations are accessible in the tables below.

If you wish to present in our Seminar Series or be notified of future seminars, please contact the Seminar Coordinator Dr. Emilio Morales

UNE Business School Seminars 2020

UNE Business School Seminars 2019

UNE Business School Seminars 2015 - 2018