Seminar Series

The UNE Business School holds regular research seminars in topical issues related to business, economics and public policy. We welcome external scholars and industry experts to present their work, particularly in areas related to our Research Themes

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Development, Markets and Growth
  • Governance, Sustainability, and Ethics
  • Innovation for Regional Success
  • Public Policy

Seminars occur throughout the year. We invite Faculty members and research students to attend and contribute to seminars. Upcoming and past seminars are advertised widely within the university and to our external networks. Lists of seminars and pasts presentations are accessible in the tables below.

If you wish to present in our Seminar Series or be notified of future seminars, please contact the Seminar Coordinator Dr. Emilio Morales

2019 Seminars

UNE Business School seminars have now finished for 2019, and will return early 2020.

Presentation DateSpeakerSeminar Title
15/01/2019Professor Alex Frino (University of Wollongong)A first look at off market trades in futures markets: an examination of the impact of transparency on market efficiency

Professor Gabriel Donleavy (University of New England)

An inquiry into the origins of fair value
22/03/2019Associate Professor Eric Stuen (University of Idaho)Winery Clustering: Close to the Vine or to Other Sources of Cost Advantage?
5/04/2019Dr L. Emilio Morales

How Consumer Beliefs about Fish Affect Expenditure Shares and Willingness to Pay

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

18/04/2019Professor Jason WestInvestment Portfolio Diversification Using Cluster-Based Factor Analyses
9/05/2019Associate Professor Sujana AdapaWomen’s Career Progression to Senior Roles in Accounting Firms – A Cross-cultural Perspective
31/05/2019Associate Professor Masato Miyazaki (Saitama University, Japan)Fiscal Sustainability and Municipal Amalgamations in Japan
7/06/2019Dr Nam Hoang

Recent Developments in Econometrics and Applications – The Effects of Hedging and Speculation on Cash-Futures Basis: Results from US Wheat Markets

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

11/06/2019Dr Subba Reddy YarramBoard gender diversity and corporate financial performance: Is there an economic case in Australia?
14/06/2019Dr Michael Kortt (Southern Cross University)Economies of Scale and Brazilian Local Government Expenditure: Evidence from the State of Paraná
17/06/2019Dr Rakesh Gupta (Griffith University)FDI flows, ETS and CO2 emissions: An analysis for G20 nations
12/07/2019Professor Alison SheridanWho gets the family farm?: A systematic review of gender and farm succession
2/08/2019Professor Oscar Cacho

Allocating resources for eradication of invasive species

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

16/08/2019Associate Professor Omar FarooqueIn Search of Opportunistic Trades of Corporate Insiders
28/08/2019Professor Derek Baker and Dr Lou Conway (UNEBS)Underpinning Startup Success in the Regions: Activating Research and Education
6/09/2019Mr Wilfred Finn (Aither, Sydney)Australia’s water market reforms
2/10/2019Professor Clive SmallmanThe Future of Work as Technological Development Accelerates
4/10/2019A/Professor Ravi Pappu (UQ)Does Size Matter? Understanding the Impact of Non-profit Sponsorship Roster Size on Consumer Pro-social Behaviour
8/11/2019Dr Shawn LeuThe Unintended Consequences of Monetary Policy Normalisation on Mortgage Credit Volumes
15/11/2019Dr Lucie NewsomeProducers of food and creators of social value: Australian women and alternative approaches to agriculture
20/11/2019Dr Hai-Anh H. Dang (Development Research Group, World Bank)Childcare and Maternal Employment: Evidence from Vietnam
22/11/2019Dr Daniel Gregg (University of Adelaide)TBA
6/12/2019Dr Subashini PereraTrade Facilitation and Economic Development: Are they related and how?
13/12/2019UNE Business SchoolUNEBS Research Retreat