Higher Degree Research

You can enrol as a higher degree research student at the master and doctoral levels. You will have the necessary support with research training, knowledge transfer, and innovation. We allocate experienced research supervisors to each student to maximise the research training experience, culminating in a high level of original research outputs that contribute to the various discipline areas. A number of scholarships as well as the Commonwealth Government's Research Training Scheme (which offers fee exemptions for eligible students) are further opportunities available to support you in your research endeavours.

Our research masters and PhD students explore a wide variety of topics in the areas of Economics and Business.

Staff possess a wide range of research interests in Economics, applied Econometrics and Economic History. Postgraduate students wishing to pursue research in any of these broad areas should consult the detailed curriculum vitae of staff members on this website.

Business: Examples include marketing of organic foods, intuitive decision making in management, the role of Australian Vice-Chancellors, transformational leadership behaviours, complexities in implementing a native vegetation policy, adoption of innovations in agriculture, gender differences in performance among small business owners, performance of SMEs in Thailand, career development in the accounting profession, cross-cultural implications of innovation adoption, integration of the Malaysian equity market.

The Course and Unit Catalogue has details about the following Higher Degree Research awards:

How to find a Supervisor

To assist us to try and find you a possible PhD/MPhil supervision team, please complete all parts of the Expression of Interest Form (below). Once complete please send it to UNE Business School's HDR Administrative Support for circulation amongst academic staff in the school. This process usually takes 2 weeks, at which time we will contact you.

Expression of Interest form

Please note - To be eligible to enter our PhD Program you must meet the University's requirements for admission to candidature. For further information about entry requirements please read the 'Further Information' tab on the Doctor of Philosophy entry in the Course and Unit Catalogue.


For more information, email UNE Business School's HDR Coordinator.

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