Memorial Lectures

Two Memorial Lectures are co-hosted by the New England Branch of the Australasian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society and the UNE Business School.

John Dillon Memorial Lecture

John Louis Dillon (1931-2001) was an agricultural economist of international stature. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1952 from the University of Sydney. He then worked in shearing sheds in western NSW and as a dairy sharefarmer in the Berrigan district, before joining the NSW Department of Agriculture. In 1956, John was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Iowa State University where he completed a PhD in agricultural economics. When John returned to Australia, he initially worked for CSIRO, ANU and the University of Adelaide. At the age of 33, John was appointed Foundation Professor of Farm Management at UNE and he spent the remainder of his academic career based in Armidale. John performed significant leadership roles at UNE and an unprecedented number of international agricultural research centres. He published more than 200 scholarly works and was the recipient of numerous awards, medals, fellowships and honorary doctorates. In 1997, John was invested as an Officer in the Order of Australia for services to agricultural economics and international development economics. John was renowned for his incisive approach to tough problems, humility, honesty, courtesy, mischievous humour, bright trouser suspenders and jangling finger rings! (Source: Anderson, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2002, 46:1)

2018Dr Beth Woods &
Ms Sarah Goswami

The Role of Economics in Policy Advice: An Agriculture Perspective

Seminar presented by Dr Beth Woods (Director-General) and Ms Sarah Goswami (Director of Biosecurity Investment) - (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Queensland).

2017 John Dixon Sustainable Intensification: Future opportunities and constraints
2015 Chris O’Donnell Is productivity growth bad?
2014 Gordon MacAulay Competitiveness and pricing in the Australian grains industry
2013 Alan Randall Grappling with public risks in complex systems – a progress report
2012 John Quiggin Can carbon prices save the global climate?
2011 Allan Rae Animal products supply and demand developments: What’s to worry about?
2010 Brian Hardaker The rise and fall of farm management as an academic discipline: an autobiographical perspective
2009 Roley Piggott Insights from the global food crisis
2007 John Spriggs Improving agricultural marketing systems in the developing world
2006 Jock Anderson Shades of John L. Dillon’s 1984 Grace Lecture, University of Alberta, ‘Technology versus hunger:  problems and prospects’, reflections two decades on

Jack Makeham Memorial Lecture

John (Jack) Patrick Makeham was one of Australia's most colourful agricultural economists, dominating Australian farm management from the 1950s to the 1990s. Following war service, Jack obtained an honours degree in agricultural science from The University of Melbourne. He initially worked for the Victorian Department of Agriculture, before establishing one of Australia’s first agricultural consulting practices. Jack came to UNE in 1967, and for the next 30 years made a significant contribution to the training of agricultural economists in the areas of farm management and agricultural extension. Jack is especially remembered for his ten books on farm management, which have become enduring classics. All over the world there are farmers and students whose lives have been deeply enriched and vastly improved by knowing Jack Makeham. (Source: Malcolm and Piggott, Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1996, 40:3)

YearPresenter Title
2018Ms. Kate Lorimer-Ward

Towards 2050 – Where to for Agriculture?

Seminar presented by Ms. Kate Lorimer-Ward (Deputy Director General, Agriculture Department of Primary Industries New South Wales (DPI-NSW)

2017 Scott Hansen (NSW DPI)Mice, Gazelles and Accelerators - Agtech's role in The Farming Game
2015 George Battese Factors influencing the productivity and efficiency of wheat farmers in Punjab, Pakistan
2014 Fiona Scott Applied farm management and economic analysis in Australia and Cambodia
2013 Heather Burrow Prospects for interdisciplinary livestock research at UNE
2012 Geoff Fox How can UNE contribute to global food security?
2011 Malcolm Wegener Some reflections on 50 years of farm management in Australia
2010 John Dixon From farm management to food security
2009 David Pannell Farm management and environmental policy
2007 Malcolm Bartholomaeus Sorting the wheat from the chaff:  Unravelling export institutions
2005 Bill Malcolm Makeham farm management