Agriculture and Environment

The Agriculture and Environment research theme has a long tradition at UNE. We address issues of international relevance in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Policy, Development, and Biosecurity. We work in collaboration with our extensive networks within Australia and around the World.

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  • Expertise: Energy Economics, Regional Science, Economic Development, The Chinese Economy
  • Expertise: Business Management, Human Resource Management, Organisation Management
  • Expertise: Economics, Environmental Studies, Natural Resource Economics
  • Expertise: Agro-food markets, consumer preferences, price transmission
  • Expertise: Gender, politics, policy, agribusiness, paid parental leave, pay equity, women on boards
  • Expertise: Economic policy analysis, CGE modelling, Carbon pricing, Trade policy
  • Expertise: Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Invasive Species and Biosecurity
  • Expertise: Economics, Econometrics, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics


Agricultural Economics

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Climate, Carbon and Energy

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Ecosystem Services

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Efficiency and Productivity

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Farming Systems

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Food Value Chains

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Project Title

Sheeraz Ahmad



Consumer Preferences and Opportunities for Differentiation of Tomatoes in Pakistan

Bright Owus  Asante



A Microeconometric Assessment of the Integrated Crop-Livestock Production Systems in Ghana

Siobhan Davies



An institutional framework for providing cultural flows in the Murray Darling Basin

Benjamin Henderson



Economic assessments of practices and policies to address climate change and sustainable development for agriculture at global, regional and farm population scales

Thida Chaw Hlaing



Determinants of household food insecurity:  Empirical evidence using the case study Central Dry Zone (CDZ), Myanmar

Murray Dean Jenkins



The impact on the Australian uranium industry from external policy shocks: a study using CGE analysis

Salahadin Khairo



Maximizing economic benefits from managing wild dogs in livestock industries in northern NSW

Isaac Koomson



Impact of financial literacy on financial inclusion and household welfare in Ghana

Ei Mon Thida Kyaw



Out-migration, agrarian transition and gender role of left-behind women in Myanmar

Peter Musinguzi



Social Enterprises and sustainable rural development: their performance, sustainability and impacts on beneficiaries’ livelihoods

Lindikaya Wiseman Myeki


South Africa

Relationships between Psychological Attributes and Farm Business Performance of South Africa’s Smallholder Farmers

Thanh Hien Nguyen



Effect of agricultural certification on smallholder coffee producers in Vietnam

Thi Tam Ninh Nguyen



Bundling credit and risk management strategies to promote resilient coffee production in Vietnam

Nchinda Valentine Petentsebenkwange



Economics of Improved Seed Yam Production: Implications for Food Security in Cameroon

Meizal Popat



Dynamics of food waste on small-scale economy countries: empirical evidence from the maize primary production in Mozambique

Sarah Rohr



Accounting for Food Loss and Waste within a Chain Failure Framework

Lorraine Smith (Gordon)



The sustainability of conventional and alternative beef cattle grazing systems in the high rainfall areas of Northern NSW.

Yuba Raj Subedi



Defining the conditions for agricultural diversification through agroforestry in the hills of Nepal

Kara Tighe



Determinants of Australian consumer
meat demand

Onkemetse Wani



Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A CGE Case Study of Botswana’s Agricultural Sector

Tian Jihadhan Wankar



Developing a marketing strategy for selling high value Nusa Tenggara Barat beef in selected urban markets in Indonesia

Yue (Nikki) Zhang



The Value of Information and Information Sharing in the Australian Beef and Sheep Meat Supply Chain

Project Title


Funding Agency

Integrating land use and data quality improvement in Ethiopia's MRV system. 2019-20.

Derek Baker


Adoption Study on ACIAR Project AS1/1999/036: Developing profitable beef business systems for previously disadvantaged farmers in South Africa. 2014-15.

Garry Griffith


Grass-fed markets and value chains for small-scale and emerging beef cattle farmers in South Africa  (STAGE ONE). 2012-2017.

Garry Griffith, Derek Baker


Improving cattle production and smallholder livelihoods in crop-based farming systems in Indonesia. 2018-21.

Heather Burrow, Derek Baker, Garry Griffith,  Alison Sheridan


Grass-fed markets and value chains for small-scale and emerging beef cattle farmers in South Africa (STAGE TWO). 2017-21.

Heather Burrow, Stuart Mounter, Derek Baker, Rene Villano, Garry Griffith, Donella Piper, Masood Azeem


Agricultural Policy Research to Support Natural Resource Management in Indonesia's Upland Landscapes - with The University of Adelaide. 2018-2021.

Oscar Cacho, Jonathan Moss


Enhancing farm-household management decision-making for increased productivity inthe Eastern Gangetic Plains - with UWA. 2018-2021.

Rene Villano


Adaptation to carbon-tax-induced changes in energy demand in rural and regional Australia. 2012-19.

Mahinda Siriwardana

ARC Linkage

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles for biosecurity surveillance -- scoping project. 2015.

Susie Hester


Carrots and Sticks: testing incentive-based drivers for importer compliance. 2013-2018.

Susie Hester


The value of early detection and cost-effective surveillance measures against foot-and-mouth disease in Australia. 2015-16.

Susie Hester


Torres Strait risk and resource allocation project. 2015-16.

Susie Hester


Methodology to guide marine pest incursions under the National Environmental Biosecurity Response Framework. 2016-17.

Susie Hester


Biosecurity response decision support framework. 2016-2018.

Susie Hester


A framework for prioritising plant-pests. 2016-2018.

Susie Hester


Increasing confidence in pre-border risk management. 2017-2019.

Susie Hester


Compliance-based inspection/Continuous sampling plan sensitivity: incorporating pre-border information analysis . 2017-2019.

Susie Hester


CEBRA Research: harnessing past and new work to improve uptake. 2018-20.

Susie Hester


Re-evaluating management of established pests including the European wasp, Vespula germanica using biocontrol agents.. 2019-20.

Susie Hester and Oscar Cacho


Chain Failure and Chain Goods in Sustainable Food Value Chains. 2015-17.

Garry Griffith, Euan Fleming, Stuart Mounter, Emilio Morales, Derek Baker

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme)

Background paper on adaptation paths for vulnerable areas in support of SOFA 2016. 2016.

Oscar Cacho, Jonathan Moss


Advanced Livestock Measurement Technologies. 2017-18.

Garry Griffith

Murdoch University

Economic potential of abatement options for farming systems in NSW. 2019-20.

Oscar Cacho

NSW Department of Primary Industries

Feasibility of Eradicating Hawkweeds in NSW: analysis of resource requirements. 2019-20.

Oscar Cacho

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Australian female agricultural entrepreneurs. ongoing.

Lucie Newsome, Alison Sheridan, Theresa Smith- Ruig


Justice in post-disaster relief when resource constraints bite: Pakistan’s housing reconstruction challenges following the 2010 flood disaster. .

Steven Schilizzi and  Masood Azeem

UWA-Pakistan Flood Reconstruction Scholarship

Dry Ageing Australian Sheep Meat for Potential Markets. 2017-18.

Garry Griffith

Western Australian Agriculture Authority