UNE Business School Seminars 2015 - 2018

UNE Business School Past Seminar Series

Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeakerSeminar Title
16/01/201812.30PMIncubator Room (former SR1), W42

Professor Alex Frino (University of Wollongong)

Does Social Media Cause Stock Price Volatility? A Re-Examination

Dr Russell Wise (CSIRO)

Enabling decision making under uncertain and transformational change

Associate Professor Gemma Pérez-López (University of Granada)

Conditional data panel efficiency in the refuse collection service in Spain
27/03/201811:00AMIncubator Room (former SR1), W42

Professor Leopoldo Gutiérrez Gutiérrez

The Role of Human Resource-Related Quality Management Practices in New Product Development: A Dynamic Capability Perspective

Professor Tõnis Mets (University of Tartu, Estonia)

Successful knowledge-based startups in Estonia – how to create an ICT company boom

Professor Aldara da Silva Cesar (Fluminense Federal University)

What’s a waste! Food Waste in the Age of Plenty

Dr Hugo Consciência Silvestre (UNILAB Center for Policy and Public Administration)

Challenges and bottlenecks of Brazilian local governments: Public-Public Partnerships and Intermunicipal cooperation as alternatives arrangements for public services delivery decreasing costs?

Dr Masood Azeem (UNEBS, Centre for Agribusiness)

Drivers of innovation and firm performance: a cross country analysis of food manufacturing firms

Dr Kanitsorn (Kathy) Terdpaopong (Rangsit University, Pathum Thani, Thailand)

The Stage of Management Accounting Evolution in Asia Pacific

Assistant Professor Dr Lin Zhang (City University of Hong Kong)

Energy Efficiency Transition in China

Associate Professor Nicholas McGuigan (Monash Business School, Monash University)

Navigating Worlds: A Creative and Exploratory Investigation of the Student's Lifeworld

Ms. Kate Lorimer-Ward (Deputy Director General, AgricultureDepartment of Primary Industries New South Wales (DPI-NSW))

2018 Jack Makeham Memorial Lecture - Towards 2050 – Where to for Agriculture?

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

5/10/20182:00PMLT4Dr Beth Woods (Director-General) and Ms Sarah Goswami (Director of Biosecurity Investment) - (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Queensland)

2018 John Dillon Memorial Lecture - The Role of Economics in Policy Advice: An Agriculture Perspective

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)


Ms Eleanor Colla (Dixson Library, University of New England)

A Librarian’s Perspective of the Research Space: Publishing, Using Metrics, Engagement and Impact
2/11/201812:00PMRed Lab, W42Dr Belinda Gibbons, Dr Bonnie Amelia Dean and Dr Stephanie Perkiss (University of Wollongong)Embedding the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into the business curriculum: The case of WikiRate
Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeakerSeminar Title
17/01/201711:00AMLT2Professor Alex Frino (University of Wollongong)

The Relationship between Board Independence and Stock Price Performance: Australian Evidence

30/01/201711:00AMLT2Mr. Bao H. Nguyen (Australian National University)Macroeconomic Effects of Energy Price Shocks in China
23/03/201711:00AMLT2Dr. Nkhanedzeni (Baldwin) Nengovhela (South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF))

Integrating Animal Science and Psychology to Incubate Smallholder Value Chains: Beef and Poultry Case Studies in South Africa

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

30/03/201711:00AMLT2Professor Anis Chowdhury         (Former Director of UN-ESCAP and Chief of UN-DESA)The Intellectual Contribution of the UN to Economic thought and Development Discourse
10/04/201712:00AMLT3Mr. Kapil Kulkarni
(Pacific Environment Limited)

Valuing the benefit of using odour monitoring and forecast data to optimise sewage treatment works operations: A real options framework

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

21/04/201711:00AMLT2Associate Professor Julie Fisher (Monash University)Gender and IT why it is an issue for business
12/05/20171:00pmLT4Dr. John Dixon (ACIAR)

2017 John Dillon Memorial Lecture -  Sustainable Intensification: Future Opportunities and Constraints

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

31/05/201711:00AMLT2Associate Professor Mariah Ehmke (University of Wyoming)

The Economics of Food Fraud Policy: Determining Consumer Willingness to Pay to Inform Policy

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

21/07/201711:00AMLT3Professor Oscar Cacho
(UNE Business School)

Combining evidence and modelling to contribute to climate adaptation by smallholders

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

24/07/20173:00PMLewis Lecture TheatureMr. Lachlan Feggans

MM200 Guest Lecture - CHEP Australia: Creating Business Value through Sustainability

04/08/201711:00AMLT3Emeritus Professor Amarjit Kaur
(UNE Business School)
The Good Housemaid: Indonesian and Filipina Domestic Workers in Malaysia and Singapore
15/09/201711:00AMLT3PhD(c) Can (Tsan) Wang
(UNE Business School)

The impacts of land degradation and land use change on agricultural production and rural income in China

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)


Dr Scott Harrison
(University of Siegen, Germany)

Labour Market Dynamics, Skills Requirements and Research Funding Opportunities in Europe
16/10/20172:30PMLT4Dr. Scott Hansen

2017 Jack Makeham Memorial Lecture -  Mice, Gazelles and Accelerators - Agtech's role in The Farming Game

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)


Professor Ellie (Larelle) Chapple (Queensland University of Technology)

Company Secretaries, Board Practices and Financial Reporting
5/12/201711:00AMLT2Dr Keith Pond
(Loughborough University)
Student engagement with Lecture Capture: Providing evidence for research informed policy
6/12/201710:00AMSMART Region IncubatorCentre for AgribusinessBrands and lands, waste and waists, farms and forks, glasshouses and throwing stones: work at the Centre for Agribusiness 2017-18
2017 AARES New England Branch Seminars 2017
Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeaker Seminar Title
27/04/2017 12:00PM LT3 Dr. David Godden Economics of Collections
4/05/2017 1:00PM LT3 Emeritus Professor Euan Fleming Reducing the costs of food waste: An economic assessment of alternative approaches
14/06/2017 1:00PM LT2 Dr Masood Azeem Do Social Protection Transfers Reduce Poverty and Vulnerability to Poverty in Pakistan? Household Level Evidence from Punjab
21/06/2017 1:00PM LT2 Dr Susie Hester What about the incentive properties of biosecurity inspection rules?
28/06/2017 1:00PM LT5 Franklin Soriano Drivers and Dynamics of Innovation in Small Business Food Industry in Australia
Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeaker Seminar Title
11/02/2016 12:00PM LT2 Professor Martin Odening - Humboldt University, Berlin Abandonment of Milk Production Under Uncertainty and Inefficiency
26/02/2016 12:00PM LT5 Assistant Professor Sanjit Kumar Roy - University of Western Australia Fairness in Service Relationships
04/03/2016 12:15PM LT2 Associate Professor Julia Henker - Bond University The Aggregate Impacts of Tournament Incentives in Experimental Asset Markets
11/03/2016 12:15PM LT2 Professor Anneke Fitzgerald - Griffith University From Theory to Practice: The Road to a New Normal
29/04/2016 12:15PM LT2 Professor Harry Clarke - University of Melbourne Climate Policy Decisions under Uncertainty: Regrets and Policy Failures
01/07/2016  2:00PM LT2 Associate Professor Fernanda De Paiva Duarte Rekindling the Sociological Imagination to Understand Challenges Facing Academics from an Australian Business School
22/07/2016 12:00PM LT2 Dr Katrina Davis Scale Heterogeneity and its Implications for Discrete Choice Analysis - or "Who are you Calling 'Normal' Anyway?"
12/08/2016 11:00AM LT2 Associate Professor Christopher Collet Training Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs: One Person's Journey
17/08/2016 12:00PM LT2 Professor Nicole Ballinger and Mr Thomas Foulke An Overview of Wyoming Agriculture and Natural Resources
02/09/2016 11:00AM LT2 Associate Professor Ravi Pappu How Does Brand Innovativeness Affect Brand Loyalty?
07/09/2016 11:00AM LT1 Dr Johannes Simons Implementing Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Fruit and Vegetable Chains in Germany
09/09/2016 11:00AM LT2 Professor Gerhard Schiefer Food Security and Sustainability: A Challenge for Food Sector and Food Chain Cooperation
12/09/2016 1:00PM LT1 Professor David Hughes Future Food, Real Retail, Going Global and Profit Prizes
16/09/2016 11:00AM LT2 Dr K Balasubramanian Win-Win Model for Small Farmers, Business and Financial Institutions: Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3F) and its Relevance to the Pacific
14/10/2016 11:00AM LT3 Dr. Natasja Steenkamp Top 10 South African Companies’ Disclosure of Integrated Thinking, Materiality Determination Process and Material Issues in Integrated Reports
27/10/2016 11:00AM LT2 Professor Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti CSR and Empire Building: Evidence based on Acquisitiveness of US Firms
04/11/2016 11:00AM LT2 Dr Helena Liu Leadership for a White Gaze: Strategic Self-Orientalism among Chinese Australians
Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeaker Seminar Title
12/01/2015 11:00AM LT3 Professor Alex Frino "CEO Narcissism and Earnings Management "
6/03/2015 12:30PM LT5 Professor Robert Faff "Pitching Research"
19/03/2015 3:00PM LT1 Dr. Ray Collins "Value in Collaboration: Opportunities for Closer Links between Schools of Business and Schools of Agriculture"
20/03/2015 12:30PM LT5 Dr. Michael Kortt "Population size, density and urban government expenditure: Evidence from the Sydney metropolitan area"
27/03/2015 2:00PM LT5 Professor Lin Crase and Dr. Bethany Cooper "Understanding and Measuring the Amenity and Ecological Value of Urban Waterways"
8/04/2015 1:00PM LT5 Professor Rui Marques "Sustainability of Urban Water Services: Scorecards and Roadmaps"
8/05/2015 12:00PM LT5 Professor Gabriel Donleavy “The General Theory of Accounting Project - A Progress Report"
15/05/2015 12:00PM LT5 Professor John Rice "The Determinants of CEO Support for Board Decisions in the Not-for-profit Context"
29/05/2015 1:00PM LT5 Professor Oscar Cacho "Designing Effective Policies for Climate-Smart Agriculture by Combining Evidence and Modelling"


10:30AM LT5 Dr. Shawn Leu "Financial Integration in Asia"


10:30AM LT5 Professor Balasingham Balachandran "Powerful CEO and Stock Price Crash Risk"
10/09/2015 2:00PM LT3 Professor Abbas Valadkhani "Self-Exciting Effects of House Prices on Unit Prices in Australian Capital Cities"


1:00PM LT4 Professor Christopher O'Donnell "John Dillon Memorial Lecture - Is Productivity Growth Bad?"
18/09/2015 10:30AM LT5 Mr Kodjo Kondo "Count Model Selection and Post-Estimation to Evaluate Composite Flour Technology Adoption in Senegal (West Africa)"


10:30AM LT5 Mr Jim McFarlane "Is Technological Unemployment in Australia a Reason for Concern?"


12:00PM LT5 Professor Steve Hall "Communities, the Mining Industry and Government – The Need to Find Common Ground"


12:00PM LT2 Associate Professor George Battese "Jack Makeham Memorial Lecture - Factors Influencing the Productivity and Efficiency of Wheat Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan"


12:00PM LT2 Professor Arye L. Hillman“Protecting ideology: Belief in the benevolence of government and the challenge of politically assigned rents”


12:00PM LT2 Professor Garry Griffith "Developing New Value Chains for Small-Scale and Emerging Cattle Farmers in South Africa"


11:00AM LT2 Professor Jacques Trienekens “Organisational Innovation in Agriculture and Food Chains: Towards Sustainable and Market Orientated Business Networks”