UNE Business School Seminars 2019

Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeakerSeminar Title
15/01/201911:00AMLT2Professor Alex Frino (University of Wollongong)A first look at off market trades in futures markets: an examination of the impact of transparency on market efficiency

Professor Gabriel Donleavy (University of New England)

An inquiry into the origins of fair value
22/03/201911:00AMLT2Associate Professor Eric Stuen (University of Idaho)Winery Clustering: Close to the Vine or to Other Sources of Cost Advantage?
5/04/201911:00AMLT2Dr L. Emilio Morales

How Consumer Beliefs about Fish Affect Expenditure Shares and Willingness to Pay

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

18/04/201911:00AMLT4Professor Jason WestInvestment Portfolio Diversification Using Cluster-Based Factor Analyses
9/05/201911:00AMLT4Associate Professor Sujana AdapaWomen’s Career Progression to Senior Roles in Accounting Firms – A Cross-cultural Perspective
31/05/201911:00AMLT2Associate Professor Masato Miyazaki (Saitama University, Japan)Fiscal Sustainability and Municipal Amalgamations in Japan
7/06/201911:00AMLT2Dr Nam Hoang

Recent Developments in Econometrics and Applications – The Effects of Hedging and Speculation on Cash-Futures Basis: Results from US Wheat Markets

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

11/06/201911:00AMLT2Dr Subba Reddy YarramBoard gender diversity and corporate financial performance: Is there an economic case in Australia?
14/06/201911:00AMLT4Dr Michael Kortt (Southern Cross University)Economies of Scale and Brazilian Local Government Expenditure: Evidence from the State of Paraná
17/06/201911:00AMLT2Dr Rakesh Gupta (Griffith University)FDI flows, ETS and CO2 emissions: An analysis for G20 nations
12/07/201911:00AMLT4Professor Alison SheridanWho gets the family farm?: A systematic review of gender and farm succession
2/08/201911:00AMLT4Professor Oscar Cacho

Allocating resources for eradication of invasive species

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

16/08/201911:00AMLT4Associate Professor Omar FarooqueIn Search of Opportunistic Trades of Corporate Insiders
28/08/20191:00PMW42 Incubator Room (former SR1)Professor Derek Baker and Dr Lou Conway (UNEBS)Underpinning Startup Success in the Regions: Activating Research and Education
6/09/201911:00AMLT1Mr Wilfred Finn (Aither, Sydney)

Australia’s water market reforms

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

2/10/20192:00PMLT1Professor Clive SmallmanThe Future of Work as Technological Development Accelerates
4/10/201911:00AMLT4A/Professor Ravi Pappu (UQ)Does Size Matter? Understanding the Impact of Non-profit Sponsorship Roster Size on Consumer Pro-social Behaviour
8/11/201911:00AMLT2Dr Lucie Newsome

Beyond ‘get big or get out’: Female farmers responses to the cost-price squeeze of Australian agriculture

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

13/11/201911:00AMLT2Professor Monika Hartman and Ms Jeanette Klink-Lehmann (University of Bonn)

Consumer Decisions to Eat Meat Alternatives and Insect-Based Products

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

21/11/201911:00AMLT3Dr Hai-Anh H. Dang (Development Research Group, World Bank)Childcare and Maternal Employment: Evidence from Vietnam
22/11/201911:00AMLT2Dr Daniel Gregg

Output quality incentives under aggregation and monitoring failure in smallholder-dominated coffee supply chains: A case study of coffee production in eastern Uganda

(Joint Seminar with AARES New England Branch)

13/12/201911:00AMLT2UNE Business SchoolUNEBS Research Retreat