Introductory Science

Want to study science but don't have a strong background in Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics?

We offer a number of options to help bring you up to speed in beginning your studies in science at UNE. Below are some options for enrolling in single introductory units or alternatively you may like to look at enrolling in our  Mathematics or Chemistry Bridging Courses.

Introductory Units

UNE offers one trimester Introductory Units in Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. CHEM100, MTHS100 and PHYS100 have been specifically designed for people who either didn't study these subjects for the HSC or have had little experience in these areas. These Introductory Units provide the necessary preparation for you to start first year studies in each subject area. They can also be undertaken in the Science Pathways program (Diploma in Science) to assist in admission to a Science-based degree.

CHEM100 - Introductory Chemistry

CHEM100 focuses on basic Chemistry concepts and skills. It is offered in Trimester 1, both on and off campus, and Trimester 2, off campus only. Topics covered include introductory general chemistry; fundamentals of chemistry; units in measurement; mathematical  concepts in chemistry; atomic structure and bonding and more.

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MTHS100 Introduction to Quantitative Skills

MTHS100 covers topics such as  algebraic concepts; fractions, units, and percentages; linear functions;  polynomial and rational functions;  and exponential and logarithmic functions, function composition, inverse functions. It is offered in Trimester 1 and Trimester 3, both on and off campus. Completion of Introductory Mathematics prepares students for enrolment in MTHS110.

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PHYS100 Introductory Physics

PHYS100 looks at kinematics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism, wave motion, atomic and nuclear physics. It is offered in Trimester, both on and off campus, and Trimester 3, off campus. The Introductory Physics unit is designed to be followed by PHYS131.

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Introductory Units can be credited towards the Bachelor of Science, the Bachelor of Biomedical Science and the Bachelor of Computer Science, as an elective unit, where appropriate.

Mathematics Bridging Course

A self-enrolment course which is open to anyone with UNE credentials, regardless of their program of study. Students can start any time, work at their own pace and cover any topics in any order that is most helpful to them. It includes no formal assessment and does not have any credit points associated with completion.

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Chemistry Refresher Course

The Chemistry Refresher Course is designed for students who have already completed CHEM100, Year 12 HSC chemistry or its equivalent, or who feel that they need to brush up on some of the core basics before studying chemistry at university level.   The course is only available to students enrolled at UNE.

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