Mathematics Bridging Course

Worried about taking on mathematics and statistics units at university level?

Do you need to brush up on your mathematics skills?

We have the answer...

Our Mathematics Bridging Course is a free course open to anyone enrolled at UNE that aims  to help  build up knowledge and fill gaps in your mathematical skills to prepare you for studying MTHS110 Quantitative Skills with Applications at UNE, but is also helpful to any students in schools or disciplines which require quantitative skills.

The course features 20 topics. Each topic includes lecture notes with interactive exercises, a lecture recording, tutorial questions with sample solutions, and a self-test quiz.

This Bridging Course allows you to start any time, work at your own pace and cover any topics in any order that is most helpful to you. It includes no formal assessment and does not have any credit points associated with completion.

For those who need more support than the Bridging Course offers, MTHS100 Introduction to Quantitative Skills teaches the core quantitative concepts and skills necessary for further study, but with the support of teaching staff.

If you require further advice, please email