Virtual Fencing

Determining the potential of virtual fencing for application to grazing livestock

Cattle in paddock with virtual fencing.

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Overview of project and proposed outcomes

Traditional fencing techniques are not flexible enough to manage the dynamic aspects of grazing systems. Virtual fencing offers producers the opportunity for flexible real time control of livestock distribution. A better understanding of how animals respond to VF is needed before commercial development of units can be undertaken. The objectives of this project are to study the potential for VF to be applied long term to grazing livestock. The project will specifically examine the behavioural response of livestock to VF and evaluate if simple radio frequency based system could be adapted for commercial use

Project participants

Zac Economou and Mark Trotter (PARG - UNE)

Key contact person details

Zac Economou
Stokes Building
Science and Technology (C24)
University of New England NSW 2351
6773 3492