SMART Farm Landscape Laboratory

SMART Farm Landscape Laboratory

Telemetry Coverage

Funding body

University of New England, DVCR Major Equipment Grant

Overview of project and proposed outcomes

The UNE SMART Farm (2,800 hectare Kirby and Newholme properties) is a world-first "Landscape Laboratory". It is Australia's only 'connected' agri-ecosystem offering a farm (landscape)-wide communications (telemetry) backbone back to the new SMART Farmhouse, supported by farm-wide mobile phone network coverage, a terrestrial wireless NBN link, AARNet optical fibre and, most recently an NBN satellite link. Phase #1 of the 'Landscape Laboratory' is a self-mapping wireless network and data logging system for instruments that will initially support a small number of weather station and soil moisture sensor nodes. Future developments will  include an audio/biophony network for monitoring birds and mammals, a stereo imaging system for livestock as well as feral and native animal monitoring, walk-over-weigh livestock productivity monitoring systems, unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing systems and a network of soil hydrology sensors.

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Project participants

University of New England

Key contact person details

Prof David Lamb 
Stokes Building
Science and Technology (C24)
University of New England NSW 2351
Ph: 02 6773 3565
Mob: 0428 886 088