Staff Research Interests

The members of the School of Law have a wide variety of research interests. The interests of individual staff members are listed below.

Professor Michael Adams: Corporate governance in banking and financial services. Governance in not for profits. Directors duties. Class actions. Overlap of Federal law and State law in legal duties. International corporate governance.

Ms Marcelle Burns: Indigenous peoples and international law; human rights, native title, Indigenous knowledges and cultural competency in legal education.

Associate Professor Guy Charlton: Usufructuary rights, Indigenous law, biodiversity and local government, legal history, constitutional law.

Associate Professor Greg Carne: Constitutional Law, Human Rights (international and domestic application), National Security Law, International Law.

Dr Monique Cormier: International and Transnational Criminal Law; Jurisdiction in International Law; International Peace and Security Law.

Dr Ying Chen: International and Comparative Law (U.S., China, and E.U.), Chinese Law, International Trade and Investment, Food and Agricultural Law, Human Rights, and Energy Law.

Mrs Julia Day: Health Law, Torts.

Ms Michelle de Souza: Medical Law and Medical ethics, in particular, bioethics and comparative healthcare law.

Ms Michelle Edgely: Therapeutic jurisprudence, sentencing, criminal procedure.

Dr Eric Ghosh: Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Constitutional Theory and republican political theory.

Dr Patrick Graham: Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Union Law, Emergency powers in the common law world, Native title

Ms Jennifer Greaney: Indigenous cultural heritage, native title law and Indigenous policy.

Dr Tanya Howard: Community engagement, natural resource governance, socio-legal methodologies.

Ms Bronwen Jackman: Evidence, Property Law and Equity.

Ms Aileen Kennedy: Health law particularly biotechnology, reproduction, consent, body modifying surgeries and neurolaw; family law; feminist law;  contract law.

Dr Andrew Lawson; Sustainable agriculture governance; Governance of agricultural impacts on the environment; Voluntary stewardship programs for farmers.

Professor Mark Lunney: Torts, History of the Common Law and Legal Profession.

Dr Siva Barathi Marimuthu (Sharl): Regulation of Advertisements of Therapeutic Goods,  Comparative Studies and Civil Procedure.

Professor Paul Martin: natural resource governance, including legal and institutional innovation, law reform, hybrid or collaborative governance, and other aspects of law in use. I am keen to develop non-doctrinal approaches to research (marrying doctrinal and empirical investigation); and to improve applied effectiveness and outcomes of governance.

Associate Professor Cameron Moore: Law of the Sea, International Law, Environmental Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Constitutional Law, Naval and Military Operations Law.

Professor Mark Perry: Biotechnology and Other Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Innovation Law.

Associate Professor Mia Rahim: Meta-regulation, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility regulation, transnational corporation regulation; global supply chain regulation; corporations on environmental and human rights.

Associate Professor Ottavio Quirico: International Law, Comparative Law, Environmental Law.

Dr Ciprian Radavoi: Public International Law, Human Rights, Global Issues, Environmental and Social Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mr Paul Sattler: Criminal law, Equity, Property and Succession; also special interest in evidence law and its application in the criminal process.

Associate Professor Skye Saunders: Rural Issues, Sex Discrimination Law, Gender.

Dr Same Varayudej: Corporations Law, Securities Law, International Law.

Dr Kip Werren: Estate Planning and Succession, Asset Protection, Business Structures, Law and Agriculture, Conservation Funding.