Staff Research Interests

The members of the School of Law have a wide variety of research interests. The interests of individual staff members are listed below.

Associate Professor Greg Carne: Constitutional Law, Human Rights (international and domestic application), National Security Law, International Law.

Dr Ying Chen: International and Comparative Law (U.S., China, and E.U.), Chinese Law, International Trade and Investment, Food and Agricultural Law, Human Rights, and Energy Law.

Ms Michelle de Souza: Medical Law and Medical ethics, in particular, bioethics and comparative healthcare law.

Dr Eric Ghosh: Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Constitutional Theory and republican political theory.

Dr Patrick Graham: Constitutional and Administrative Law, European Union Law, Emergency powers in the common law world, Native title

Jennifer Greaney: Indigenous cultural heritage, native title law and Indigenous policy.

Ms Bronwen Jackman: Evidence, Property Law and Equity

Dr Saurabh Jain: Taxation law, International Taxation, and the beneficial ownership test in double tax treaties.

Ms Aileen Kennedy: Health law particularly biotechnology, reproduction, consent, body modifying surgeries and neurolaw; family law; feminist law;  contract law.

Associate Professor Amanda Kennedy: Environmental justice, land use planning, management of natural resource conflict

Dr Karen Lee: Communications law; regulation; self-regulation; private legislatures; industry rulemaking; and the inter-play between competition law and regulation.

Professor Mark Lunney: Torts, History of the Common Law and Legal Profession.

Dr. Siva Barathi Marimuthu (Sharl): Regulation of Advertisements of Therapeutic Goods,  Comparative Studies and Civil Procedure.

Professor Paul Martin: natural resource governance, including legal and institutional innnovation, law reform, hybrid or collaborative governance, and other aspects of law in use. I am keen to develop non-doctrinal approaches to  research (marrying doctrinal and empirical investigation); and to improve applied effectiveness and outcomes of governance.

Dr Cameron Moore: Law of the Sea, International Law, Environmental Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Constitutional Law, Naval and Military Operations Law.

Professor Mark Perry: Biotechnology and Other Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Innovation Law

Dr Ottavio Quirico: International Law, Comparative Law, Environmental Law.

Mr Paul Sattler: Criminal law, Equity, Property and Succession; also special interest in evidence law and its application in the criminal process.

Professor Brian Simpson: Legal narratives of childhood, law and family life, law and social justice broadly defined.

Dr Same Varayudej: Corporations Law, Securities Law, International Law.

Mrs Julia Werren: Health Law, Torts.

Dr Kip Werren: Estate Planning and Succession, Asset Protection, Business Structures, Law and Agriculture, Conservation Funding

Dr Jacqueline Williams: governance; policy risk; transaction costs; citizen and native science; community based social marketing; agent based modelling; recognition systems for local knowledge and sustainable agriculture, collaborative learning and effective localism.

Dr Monique Cormier: International and Transnational Criminal Law; Jurisdiction in International Law; International Peace and Security Law

Dr Ciprian Radavoi: Public International Law, Human Rights, Global Issues, Environmental and Social Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ms Marcelle Burns: Indigenous peoples and international law; human rights, native title, Indigenous knowledges and cultural competency in legal education.

Pre and Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr Tanya Howard: Community engagement, natural resource governance, socio-legal methodologies.

Dr Mark Shepheard: Natural resource stewardship, regulation and governance, virtue ethics, land and water management obligations, socio-legal studies methods