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Associate Professor - School of Law

Guy Charlton

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Guy C Charlton is an Associate Professor. Prior to his position at University of New England he was a Senior Lecturer in Law at AUT University, Auckland New Zealand. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA where he practised law as a general practitioner and he has lived and worked in a variety of Commonwealth countries.  He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.A., J.D.), the University of Toronto (M.A.) and Auckland University (PhD). He has worked at Curtin University Law School in Perth, Western Australia and City University of Hong Kong, Auckland University and AUT University Law School.


PhD in Law (Auckland)

Juris Doctor (Wisconsin)

MA (Toronto)

BA (Wisconsin)

Teaching Areas

LAW101: Law in Context

LAW164: Law and First Peoples of Australia

Primary Research Area/s

Usufructory Rights; Indigenous Law; Biodiversity and local government; Legal History; Constitutional Law

Research Interests

Dr Charlton is currently expanding his research interests from legal history, constitutional law and indigenous law in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States into the Asia Pacific Region. He is involved in a project analysing land tenures and hunting and gathering rights in Taiwan and indigenous land rights across the Asia Pacific. He has also engaged in research on laws relating to bio-diversity in North America, China, New Zealand and Australia and issues involving deforestation as well as issues of cultural rights


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Charlton, Guy, 2016 “Historical Justice: Apologies and the State-Aboriginal Reconciliation Process” 2016 International Austronesian Conference Reconciliation, Coexistence, and Sustainability, Council of Indigenous Peoples, ROC, Taiwan, Nov. 24-28, Conference Proceedings

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Charlton, Guy, Gao, Xiang 2014 “Human Rights, Procedural Protections and the Social Construction of Mental Illness: Involuntary Civil Commitment under China’s New Mental Health Law,” 15(1) Australian Journal of Asian Law 1.

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Charlton, Guy 2013 “Colonialism, Civilization and Indigenous Law: The Protection of Aboriginal Spiritual Interests in Land in American and Canadian Courts,” in Jim Jose & Rob Imre, eds., Not So Strange Bedfellows: the Nexus of Politics and Religion in the 21st Century (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing).


Wisconsin State Bar

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