Ms michelle edgely

Chair of School of Law Education Committee, Lecturer , criminal law, criminal procedure, sentencing - School of Law

michelle edgely

Phone: +61 67732484

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BCom LLB(Hons) LLM

Teaching Areas

LAW161:  Criminal Law
LAW312: Civil and Criminal Procedure
LAW314:  Advanced Criminal Law

Primary Research Area/s

therapeutic jurisprudence, sentencing, criminal procedure


Book Chapters

M. Edgely, 'Truth or Justice? Double Jeopardy Reform for Queensland: Rights in Jeopardy' in G. Radha Kalyani (ed), Double Jeopardy: Emerging Issues (Amicus Books, 2008), 57-100.

M.   Edgely,   'The   Coalition   Campaign:   Unity   &   Stealth'   in   Andrew   Fraser (ed), Electoral   Wrath:   the   1995   Queensland   General   Election,   (Centre   for Australian Public Sector Management,1997) 26-32.

Refereed Journal Articles (100% contribution unless otherwise specified)

M. Edgely,  Addressing the Solution-Focused Sceptics: Moving Beyond Punitivity in the Sentencing of Drug-Addicted and Mentally Impaired Offenders, (2016) University of New South Wales Law Journal 39(1) 206-233.

M. Edgely, 'Why do Mental Health Courts Work? A Confluence of Treatment, Support and Adroit Judicial Supervision' (2014) 37 International Journal of Law & Psychiatry 572-580.

M. Edgely, 'Solution-focused  Court Programs for Mentally Impaired Offenders: What Works?' (2013) 22 Journal of Judicial Administration 207-223.

M. Edgely & E. Marchetti, 'Women who Kill Their Abusers: How Queensland's New Abusive Relationships Defence Continues to Ignore Reality' (2011) 13 Flinders Law Review 125-176.

M. Edgely, 'Criminals and (Second-Class)  Citizenship: 21st Century Attainder?' (2010) 19(3) Griffith Law Review 403-437.

M. Edgely, 'Common Law Sentencing of Mentally Impaired Offenders in Australian Courts: A Call for Coherence & Consistency' (2009) 6(2) Psychiatry, Psychology & Law 240-261.

M. Edgely, 'Preventing crime or punishing propensities? A purposive examination of the preventative detention of sex offenders in Queensland and Western Australia' (2007) 7(1) University of Western Australia Law Review 351-386.

M. Edgely, 'Truth or Justice? Double jeopardy reform for Queensland: Rights in jeopardy' (2007) 7(1) QUT Law & Justice Journal 108-13.

Conference Papers

M. Edgely,  'What are the barriers to effectively  mainstreaming  therapeutic  jurisprudence for mentally impaired offenders? Views from three Australian states' (paper presented at 34th International Congress on Law & Mental Health, Vienna, July 2015).

M. Edgely, 'Two Models of Mainstreaming Therapeutic Jurisprudence for Mentally Impaired Offenders:  A  Tale  of  Two  Cities'  (Paper presented  at  8th  Annual Australian & New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, Melbourne, December 2014).

M. Edgely, 'Mainstreaming  therapeutic jurisprudence  for mentally impaired offenders: Can the  challenges   be  overcome?'   (Paper presented   at  34th  Annual Australian & New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology & Law Congress, Sydney, November 2014).

M.  Edgely,  'Transforming  the  Judiciary:  Can  Judges  Learn  Therapeutic Jurisprudence?'  (Paper  presented  at  Southern  Criminal  Justice  Association Conference, Florida, September 2014).

M. Edgely, 'Mentally Impaired Offenders: Does Therapeutic Jurisprudence Require Special Courts?' (Paper presented at 32nd International Congress on Law & Mental Health, Berlin, July 2011).

M.  Edgely,  'Prisoners   and  (Second   Class)  Citizenship:   21st   Century  Attainder?' (Paper presented at Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Wellington NZ, Dec. 2010).


  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Mainstream Advisory Group
  • Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
  • Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology
  • Australian Institute of Judicial Administration
  • Law and Justice Institute (Qld)