Professor Paul Martin

Director (on SSP) - Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw); School of Law

Paul Martin

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Prof. Paul Martin is the Director of the Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law in the School of Law at the University of New England. The Aglaw Centre researches rural governance, particularly of natural resources and the interests of rural (mainly indigenous) people. He also chairs the Law School Research Advisory Committee.

The Centre uses unique multidisciplinary methods to understand the 'real world' dynamics of governance systems. The issues researched are as diverse as biodiversity protection, invasive species, and economic opportunities for indigenous people. Among many research issues we have addressed are environmental financing and tax reform, transboundary agreements for biodiversity protection in Central Asia, soils governance in China and Mongolia, water governance in Australia, and reforms to regulatory 'architecture' and process. Team members have worked on issues in Australia, the United States, Bangladesh, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, China and other jurisdictions. We have a diverse adjunct team and excellent collaborators in many countries.

The Centre also researches the governance of agricultural technology, including agricultural chemicals and machinery; and institutional aspects of rural innovation.

In leading the Centre over 15 years since it commenced operation, Paul has drawn on his prior career as a corporate lawyer, corporate advisor, venture capitalist and chairman of public and private companies; as well as his leadership of environmental organisations and public policy research. Paul has more than 100 scholarly publications and his roles have included conducting seminars in China, Brazil and the United Kingdom on methodologies for non-doctrinal environmental law research, academic leadership of a joint IUCN World Commission of Environmental Law (WCEL) and Environmental Law Centre project on evaluation of environmental law, and membership of the Governing Board of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law.


B.Juris / L.L.B., M.Com., Certified Practising Accountant, admitted to the NSW Bar



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Natural resource governance; Technology regulation; Indigenous social justice and the law

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Professor Martin has succesfully supervised more than 25 Doctoral candidates and a large number of Masters and Honors student theses.


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