Dr Cameron Moore

Associate Professor - School of Law

Cameron Moore

Phone: +61 2 6773 2850

Email: cmoore6@une.edu.au



Admitted but not practising as - Barrister and Solicitor (WA), Legal Practitioner (NSW), Solicitor and Barrister (High Court)

Teaching Areas

LAW101: Law in Context

LAW341: Introduction to Environmental Law

LAW358/LLM558: Natural Resources Law

LLM518: Law of the Sea


Doctoral Thesis

2015 The Australian Defence Force and the Executive Power, ANU


2015 Natural Resources Law (a compilation of readings) (Thomson Reuters)

2004 Refereed Book - ADF on the Beat: A Legal Analysis of Offshore Enforcement by the Australian Defence Force, (Ocean Publications, Wollongong)

Book Chapters

2015 ‘Waterworld: Climate Change, Statehood and the Right to Self Determination’ in Climate Change and Human Rights: An International and Comparative Law Perspective (Routledge, UK) edited by Ottavio Quirico and Mouloud Bhoumgar, 104

2015 ‘Use of Force in Maritime Regulation and Enforcement’ in the International Research Handbook on Maritime Regulation and Enforcement (Routledge, UK) edited by Robin Warner and Stuart Kaye, 27

2011 ‘Maritime Regulation and Enforcement’ in Australian Coastal and Marine Law (Federation Press) edited by Rachel Baird and Donald Rothwell, 322

2011 ‘Piracy and the Use of Force in Australian Law’ in Australia’s Response to Piracy: A Legal Perspective (Sea Power Centre Australia) edited by Andrew Forbes, 87

2009 ‘Act of State Doctrine in the Antipodes: The Intersection of National and International Law in Naval Constabulary Operations’ in Maritime Security: International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand (Routledge, UK) edited by Natalie Klein, Joanna Mossop and Donald R. Rothwell, 172

2009 ‘Australia’s Traditional Maritime Security Concerns and post-9/11 Perspectives’ with Donald R. Rothwell in Maritime Security: International Law and Policy Perspectives from Australia and New Zealand (Routledge, UK) edited by Natalie Klein, Joanna Mossop and Donald R. Rothwell, 37

2005 (As contributing author) Future Environmental Policy Trends to 2020: Impact on Ship Design & Operations, Edited by Glen Kerr and Barry Snushall (Centre for Maritime Policy, Wollongong and the RAN Sea Power Studies Centre, Canberra)

2002 Book chapter – ‘Protecting Australia’s Maritime Borders: The Operational Aspects’ with Commodore Warwick Gately Protecting Australia’s Maritime Borders (University of Wollongong) 37

Refereed Articles

2012 ‘Great Big Hairy Bees: The Proposed Importation of the European  Bumblebee and the Precautionary Principle’ with Professor Caroline Gross, International Journal of Rural Law and Policy – Occasional Paper Series

2010 Book Review – “‘Calling out the Troops’ by Michael Head” 33(3) Melbourne University Law Review 1022

2009 Case comment - ‘White v Director of Military Prosecutions [2007]’ 4(2) University of New England Law Journal 53

2008 ‘Militaries as Wielders of Executive Power: The Australasian and Melanesian Militaries and their Formal Relationship with Government’ 8 New Zealand Armed Forces Law Review 21

2006 ‘Turning King Canute into Lord Neptune: Australia’s New Offshore Protection Measures’ 3(1) University of New England Law Journal 57

2005 ‘“To Execute and Maintain the Laws of the Commonwealth”

The ADF and Internal Security - Some Old Issues with New Relevance’ 28(2) University of New South Wales Law Journal 523

Reference Works

2009 & 2013  Oxford Australian Legal Dictionary (1st and 2nd eds) - 19 entries on maritime and constitutional law

2009 (Revised Edition) Lexis Nexis, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia, vol 21(2) (at 12 October 2009) 330 Primary Industry, ‘Fisheries’

Other Articles

2013 Book Review ‘The Causes of War: Volume I: 3000 BCE to 1000 CE by Alexander Gillespie’ 11 New Zealand Year Book of International Law 335

2010 Book Review – ‘Calling Out the Troops by Michael Head’ 7(2) Journal of Australian Naval History 108

2009 ‘Australian Defence Force Operations’ with Captain Rob McLaughlin RAN 9 New Zealand Armed Forces Law Review 172

2008 ‘Australian Defence Force Operations’ with Colonel Jim Waddell and Commander Rob McLaughlin RAN 8 New Zealand Armed Forces Law Review 147

2003 ‘Legal Issues in the Design of Future Warships’ with Lieutenant Commander Chris Galloway, 107 Journal of the Australian Naval Institute

2003 ‘Legal Issues Surrounding an Australian Coastguard’ 28(2) Journal of the Australian Naval Institute


Adjunct Senior Lecturer
College of Law - Australian National University

Associate Professor
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and National Security - University of Wollongong

Commander, Legal Officer:  Royal Australian Navy Reserve

Fellow:  Royal Geographical Society

Editorial Board Member:  Australian Journal for Ocean and Maritime Affairs

Editorial Board Member:  International Journal of Rural Law and Policy

Member:  Australian Naval Institute

Member:  International Society for Military Law and the Law of War