ID Service

Insect Identification Service

The UNE Insect Ecology Laboratory provides a free insect identification service to subscribers ofThe Sweep Net and farmers and agronomists with an interest in the grains industry.

Identifications are performed by qualified staff with a good knowledge of pest and beneficial species of insects relevant to the northern NSW and southern QLD grain industry.  The service is supported by a large collection of insect specimens and where possible insect identification will be performed to a high taxonomic level - in most cases to species.  All specimens sent in for identification should be accompanied by the Insect identification submission form.  Instructions for collecting and preserving specimens for submission are included on this form.  Please provide a copy of this form along with insect specimens and host plant material from which the insect was collected.

Samples can be forwarded to:

Rachel Waugh
c/- Insect Ecology Laboratory
Zoology, Trevenna Rd
University of New England  NSW  2351
phone: 02 6773 2338
mobile:  0457 522 509

Download a brochure on Integrated Pest Management in the Northern NSW Grains Industry ()