Honours Programs

Honours pathways in Life, Earth and Environment

If you wish to do Honours with a major in: Botany, Ecology, Geology  or Zoology you can apply through the School of Environmental and Rural Science to complete a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours (HBENSC).

ERS Honours CoordinatorDr Sue Wilson

Or, apply through the School of Science and Technology to complete a Bachelor of Science with Honours (HBSC).

S&T Honours CoordinatorDr Peter Lye

Further information

Contact the unit coordinators for further information on individual disciplines.

To find out about research project opportunities, please visit the Life, Earth and Environment research group and lab pages.

Ecology and Environmental Science

Earth Science and Palaeontology

Evolutionary Biology


Commencing Honours research

If you are interested in further study in one of the research themes of LEE, here are some of the expectations of an Honours research project.

  • Begin by reading publications about your topic and find out current research opportunities by looking at this website.
  • Most research groups are collaborative and researchers help each other with particular procedures or practical work.
  • You are expected to work diligently and to be professional and dedicated to your research project.
  • While working hours are somewhat flexible, laboratory and field work will often require your presence outside the usual 9am-5pm.
  • You will need to be highly motivated to succeed in honours but we will invest significant time, effort and resources on your behalf to support you to succeed.