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The lab's current research focuses on a range of interlinked topics of significance to biological and geographical diversity. We are answering questions relating to responses of insects to habitat change along environmental gradients, and climate change. Our current research focuses on the impacts climate change will have on insect behaviour, ecology and physiology, insect community structure along environmental gradients, and insect-plant interactions.

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Research Student Opportunities

Insect Ecology - photo courtesy of Steve Tremont

Photo courtesy of Steve Tremont

Below are some project ideas, if you are thinking of doing some research with our lab. Most projects involve collaborating with ecologists and entomologists working at UNE, NSW Department of Environment and Heritage, and other research institutions. Contact us for more information on the following opportunities.

Honours projects 2014/2015

  • Does Structural Complexity Determine the Morphology of Assemblages along an environmental gradient?
  • What is the impact of temperature and nutrition on ant physiology? How do dung beetle communities change along environmental and climatic gradients?
  • How do dung beetles compete for different resources under different climatic and nutritional regimes?
  • Role of dung beetles in mediating gas fluxes in dung pats – influence of temperature and dung quality.
  • Temporal changes in dung beetle assemblages and sex ratios.
  • How far do dung beetles move to get attracted to a food source? How far do dung beetles move to get attracted to a food source?
  • There are other projects happening with ants/dung beetles and aphids among others.

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Related book chapters and reviewed journal articles published by Lab members are listed on the Insect Ecology Lab web site.

Insect ecology - photo courtesy of Gerhard Koertner

Photo courtesy of Gerhard Koertner


If you're interested in some of the projects we are undertaking or have ideas that fall into similar areas, please contact:

Nigel AndrewA/Professor Nigel Andrew
Phone: +61 2 6773 2937

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