PREX304-6 (PrEx 20 days)

Specific Requirements

Depending upon the area of study, this is a 20 day block placement in either a primary or secondary school setting.

PREX304-6 (Primary) Specific Requirements

PREX304-6 (Secondary) Specific Requirements

In-Service Placement - PREX304-6  Specific Requirements

Conversion Placements

This is a placement where a teacher is adding to or converting to another teaching area. All placements will be assessed against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Teachers adding or converting a teaching area are required to complete a placement in their area of study through UNE.

Placements that can be accepted

  • Mainstream primary classrooms (if applicable)
  • Mainstream secondary classrooms (if applicable)

Placements that cannot be accepted

  • Any placement type that varies from a mainstream classroom setting.