Professional Experience Placement Guide

Important Information When Using the Placement Guides

This section has been created as a guide for professional experience placements. It does not contain a programme of study nor any information regarding units other than units containing professional experience for the School of Education. Information on these pages may vary when compared to the Course and Units Catalogue. If information varies, the Course and Units Catalogue will be the correct version. Please visit the Course and Units Catalogue to ensure you are enrolled into the correct professional experience units for your course of study.

Placement Requirements

Placements are required by ACECQA and NESA. In this time, you will be required to attend placement settings as required (full teaching days unless otherwise stated) as well as time before and after the day for planning, marking or professional development. Placements will need to be completed in a block (i.e. a full 20 days) unless other arrangements have been approved by the Office for Professional Learning or otherwise stated on the Course and Units Catalogue. You may be required to take time off work and arrange childcare and/or accommodation to meet professional experience placement requirements.

NESA requires professional experience in Initial Teacher Education Degrees to be undertaken in at least two school settings. The Office for Professional Learning recommends at least three school settings to gain further experience of different schools.

The Office for Professional Learning requires a two week break between placements to ensure: all results can be amended so as to not delay course progression, all relevant materials are at the school, to give time for any errors to be rectified, and for student reflection from the previous placement.

Before undertaking the final placement, all Teacher Education Students in this degree must complete and pass both components of the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students.

How to Use the Guide

Each course has been broken down into the units containing professional experience placements. These will vary from year to year as the courses have evolved at the UNE School of Education. To select the degree you are interested in or you are currently studying, please follow these prompts:

  1. Work out the year you started your course or the year you are wishing to begin;
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  3. Select the course you are enrolled in making sure you check any special information;
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