Sociology Seminar Series - previous years

2015 seminars:

Abstracts can be found by following the links on the seminar titles.

datepresenter seminar title
11 February 2015 Professor Alan Scott, Sociology, UNE Is Social Theory Neoliberal in spite of itself?
26 March 2015 Dr Juan Zhang, Sociology, UNE Special Zone Amnesia: Re/forming the China-Vietnam Borderlands
30 April Dr Margaret Gibson, Griffith University Avatars, memorials and family "plots" in Second Life
21 May 2015 Dr Rebecca Olson, University of Queensland Emotion & Identity Politics in Palliative Care
23 September 2015 Prof Gary Dowsett, Deputy Director, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University, Melbourne Abjection. Objection. Subjection. Rethinking the history of AIDS in gay men's futures
30 September 2015 Cheryll Alipio, Lecturer in Anthropology, School of Social Sciences, University of Queensland Migrant Heroes and Model Children: Mobilising Development in Filipino Transnational Households and Communities

Launch 2015 seminar playlist

2014 seminars:

Abstracts can be found by following the links on the seminar titles.

datepresenterseminar title
14 January 2014A/Prof Roberta Sassatelli
University of Milan
Consumption, Gender and Class: Perspectives from the Italian Case
27 March 2014Dr Jordan McKenzie
Ambivalent Public Spheres: on modern public discourse theory
24 April 2014Dr Eduardo de la Fuente
Flinders University
Aesthetic Ecologies: how place shapes cultural production
22 May 2014A/Prof Peter Corrigan
Paris between the Churches, or, The Unconscious of a Sociologist
19 June 2014Dr Cary Bennett
Assessment Rubrics: thinking inside the boxes
31 July 2014Arne Muller
University of Cologne
Comparing Daily Experiences of Discrimination against (Dis)abled women and men in Germany. A qualitative analysis drawing on Pierre Bourdieu
31 July 2014Claire Baker
Identity performance through creative ordering and taste display online: a case study of self-exhibition on Pinterest
21 August 2014Dr Nick OsbaldistonReimagining Lifestyle Migration: resisting 'Presentism' and future directions for research
28 August 2014Dr Xanthe Mallett
Mothers who murder, and infamous miscarriages of justice
11 September 2014Prof Michael Bittman
Adjunct Research Fellow UNE
A pilot study of the experience of modern academic working life: productivity increase or unsustainable intensification of work?
13 November 2014Dr Tinashe Dune
UWS and
Dr Virginia Mapedzahama
African Migrant Women's understanding and construction of sexuality across Shona-Zimbawean and Anglo-Australian cultures

Below is a playlist with recordings of seminars from 2014.

Seminars from 2012 and 2013