Sociology Seminar series

The Sociology discipline holds regular research seminars presented by a diverse range of speakers. The series coordinator is Dr Cary Bennett.

2018 seminars

datepresenter seminar title
13 March 2018 Emeritus Professor Michael Bittman

How did the populations of advanced economies grow so much fatter? The potential contribution of time use and other evidence on the social organisation of eating

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2017 seminars

datepresenter seminar title
2 March 2017 UNE Sociology
Barriers and facilitators to inclusive education.  
30 March 2017 Dr Jo Coghlan Political Fashion: Interrogating identity and Ideology
4 May 2017 Dr Genine Hook Feminist Pedagogy for Sociology: Negotiating belonging in Australian Higher Education  
31 August 2017 Dr Guy Redden John Howard's investor state: Neoliberalism and the rise of inequality in Australia
8 September 2017 Professor Penny Jane Burke Gendered differences in Higher Education: The politics of emotion
21 September 2017 UNE Sociology Lecturers Honours and Masters in Sociology
24 October 2017 Professor Alan Scott

Remaking Market Society

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2016 seminars

Individual abstracts and recordings are available by following the link on the seminar title.

datepresenter seminar title
3 May 2016 Dr Cary Bennett Polymorphous anxieties and perverse pleasures: drugs, moral panics and the dispositive
14 September 2016 UNE Sociology lecturers Sociology Honours/Masters information session recording
15 September 2016 Dr Jordan McKenzie Book Launch: Deconstructing Happiness: Critical Sociology and the Good life (2016, Routledge)

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