Linguistics 2017 Seminar Series

Schedule for 2017

Individual seminar abstracts and recordings are available by following the link on the seminar title.

Note: All seminars for the months February to June will be from 1– 2 pm. Seminars for the months July to November will be from 12 – 1pm. The venue for all seminars is Oorala Lecture Theatre.

Date Presenter Seminar title
23 February Yankee Modi Using human proper names to reconstruct cultural prehistory: A case study from the Tibetan borderlands in the Eastern Himalaya
30 March Margaret Sharpe

Ngadiji: a song and dance of the Yanyuwa: Analysing melodic contour and dance steps using the emic approach.

27 April Jeff Siegel

The illusive creole continuum: Implications for education and sociolinguistics in Australia

25 May Finex Ndhlovu

Communicative Translanguaging in action: Omphile and his soccer ball

29 June Jesta Masuku


27 July Brian Cambourne Whole Language
24 August Diana Eades TBC
21 September Joshua Nash TBC
26 October Inés Anton-Mendez TBC
23 November TBC TBC