Linguistics 2014 Seminar Series

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Seminar Title

5 Feb 2014

Assoc Prof Paul Geraghty

Linguistic areas and substrates in the Western Pacific

27 Feb 2014

Dr Birgit Hellwig

Language socialisation and the transmission of Qaqet Baining
(Papua New Guinea): towards a documentation project

11 Mar 2014

Prof Jeff Siegel

Contact-induced grammatical change in Melanesia: who were the agents of change?

15 Apr 2014

Sonja Riesberg

Linking Austronesian Symmetrical Voice Languages – two LFG approaches

21 May 2014

Dr Cindy Schneider

Language variation and usage across the varieties of North-Central Pentecost, Vanuatu

18 June 2014

Arvind Iyengar
(PhD candidate)

Sindhi in the Roman Script: An Investigation into Community Acceptance

23 Jul 2014

Dr Finex Ndhlovu

Reflections on Linguistic Cartography: Insights from Language Practices of African Marginals in Australia

20 Aug 2014

Thoai Ton Nu Linh
(PhD candidate)

Vietnamese Address Terms: Affective Meanings and Translational Challenges in ESL Classroom Contexts

1 Sep 2014

Dr Roger Blench

The Austronesians: an agricultural revolution that failed

3 & 4 Sep 2014

Prof Scott DeLancey

Workshop on Grammatical categories in description and explanation

4 Sep 2014

Prof George van Driem

Asian ethnolinguistic phylogeography:
The Eastern Himalaya as a cradle of ethnogenesis

11 Sep 2014

Sophia Waters
(PhD candidate)

The cultural semantics of sociality concepts in Australian English, with contrastive reference to French

1 Oct 2014

Dr Elizabeth Ellis

Interpreting sensitive Aboriginal cultural information: challenges presented by the ecology of multilingual interactions in tourism at Uluru

26 Nov 2014

Assoc Prof Nick Reid

Oral traditions about sea-level rises: Aboriginal cultural transmission over great time-depths

Recordings of the seminars can be accessed in the playlist below.