Scholarships for School Leavers

If you are completing Year 12 or on a gap year there are a number of scholarships for school-leavers planning to study on campus to help you throughout your studies. There are UNE scholarships for students:

  • who have high academic achievement
  • who come from rural areas
  • studying specific degrees
  • in disadvantaged groups
  • who excel at sport; and/or
  • who live in a residential college.

Available Scholarships

Browse the 2018 scholarship offering for Year 12 and gap year students:

Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships, their values, status, and closing dates
Cec Spence Memorial UNE Country Scholarship$7,500.00 OFFERED20/03/2018
Duncan Family Scholarship in Pharmacy$5,000.00OFFERED25/02/2018
Graduate Legacy Scholarship$1,500.00OFFERED14/01/2018
The William McIlrath Rural Scholarship$10,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
The Vincent Murphy/UNE Country Scholarship$7,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Equity and Disadvantaged Group Scholarships
Scholarships for Trimester 1, 2018ValueStatusClosing
Andrew McCue Memorial Scholarship in Theatre/Drama$5,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Duncan Family Scholarship in Early Childhood$5,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Ella Schroder Indigenous Residential Scholarship$10,000.00NOT OFFERED25/02/2018
Max Schroder Scholarship $6,000.00OFFERED25/02/2018
Support Fund for Students with a DisabilityVariableOFFERED27/02/2018
Tamex UNE Country Scholarship$6,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
The Lord's Taverners Northern NSW Scholarship$7.000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Scholarships for Trimester 2, 2018ValueStatusClosing
Max Schroder Scholarship $6,000.00NOT AWARDED10/06/2018
Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation ScholarshipsUp to $5,355CLOSED Ongoing
Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships Up to $2,676CLOSED Ongoing
Sporting Scholarships
Sporting Scholarships, their value, status and closing dates
Max Schroder Sport UNE Scholarship$3,000.00Closed14/01/2018
The Clem Jones Sport Scholarship$3,000.00Closed18/02/2018
The Regional Australia Bank Sporting Scholarship$2,000.00Closed18/02/2018
Residential Scholarships
Residential Scholarships, their value, status and closing dates
ScholarshipQuantity ValueStatusClosing
Austin College Entrance Scholarship 3$1,000.00Closed14/01/2018
Duval College Entrance Scholarship 3$1,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Earle Page Anniversary Fellows/UNE Country Scholarship1$6,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Earle Page Entrance Scholarship3$1,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Ella Schroder Indigenous Residential Scholarship 1$10,000.00Closed14/01/2018
Mary White College Entrance Scholarship3$1,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Robb College Entrance Scholarship3$1,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Robb College Foundation Darren Ellis Fund Scholarship1$4,000.00Closed14/01/2018
Robb College Piper Scholarship1$1,500.00OPEN11/03/2018
St Alberts College Entrance Scholarship3$1,000.00Closed19/01/2018
The Wright College Scholarship1$1,500.00OFFERED14/01/2018
Wright College and Village Entrance Scholarship5$1,000.00OFFERED14/01/2018